Maximizing Your Guest Bedroom As An Office Space


You might not be surprised to hear that one of the biggest trends in home buying is having a home office. With more adults working hybrid or remote jobs, it only makes sense. However, figuring out where to put a home office can take time and effort. One solution is to let your guest bedroom do some double duty.

Maximizing Your Guest Bedroom As An Office Space

Why Guest Bedrooms Make Perfect Offices

A guest bedroom is undeniably the least-used area in most family’s homes. You probably won’t use your guest bedroom regularly unless you host many guests. But if you can transform it into a home office, you’ll get more mileage from the room. Essentially, you’ll treat it as a flex space, essential to many homeowners who like having a versatile home to grow with their needs.

Tips to Create an Integrated Guest Bedroom-Office Room

When designing a room that can be a guest bedroom or office, you aim to optimize the available floor space. A great way to start is by checking out the full lineup of Murphy bed with desk options.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of a Murphy Bed, you can get acquainted with it quickly. The Murphy Bed was invented over a century ago to ensure that apartment dwellers didn’t have to dedicate too much room to a big bed. The first Murphy Bed concepts fit into the wall and could be pulled out at night. During the day, they were secretly tucked away, allowing everyone to move around their apartment or home freely.

Today, Murphy Beds follow the same general layout with a few exceptions. It is now possible to purchase a twin Murphy bed with a desk or a queen Murphy Bed with desk combination furniture. When the Murphy bed is pushed upward, it disappears and becomes a pull-out desk.

Some designers have made Murphy bed and desk furnishings so innovative that you’d never know a bed was behind the desk area! Others offer more of a horizontal Murphy bed with a desk in New Haven, OH, that’s still streamlined and professional. Best of all, all types of Murphy bed and desk pieces enable you to hide that you’re working from a guest bedroom. That’s essential, particularly during virtual meetings.

Of course, having a Murphy bed with a desk isn’t the only way to turn your guest bedroom into a place where you can do your job. Some additional suggestions for your flex room include:

  • Incorporate a wall of shelving into the room. Different types of shelves can give instant appeal and storage capabilities. They’ll look classy enough for your desired guest bedroom aesthetics while serving a functional purpose for all your office items.
  • Choose a day bed instead of a Murphy bed. Day beds are good alternatives to Murphy beds in a pinch. A day bed becomes more of a sleeper sofa, providing some “lounge space” as part of your home office.
  • Make use of your guest bedroom closet. Depending on its size, it could be the ideal spot for a stowaway bed or a movable desk. It can also be the right size to hold all your job-related documents in a filing cabinet or versatile storage unit.
  • Consider different types and styles of desks. A guest bedroom isn’t the location for a wide, L-shaped executive desk and credenza. Nevertheless, it can be an excellent spot for a less intrusive type of desk. Explore the world of desks by looking at images online to see which one fits the ambiance of your guest bedroom while still providing a place for you to work comfortably.
  • Avoid skimping on ergonomics. You’ve probably heard throughout the years that you need an ergonomically suitable chair and desk. It’s all true. The good news is that you don’t have to trade looks for ergonomics. Many desk and chair design firms understand their products must be practical and physically attractive. Consequently, it’s not hard to find ones that will match your decor.

More than anything else, try to have fun as you consider how to spruce up your flex space. If you want to talk to a home builder about designing your dream residence, look at our locations page to find the Lancia Homes team nearest you.