How Long Does It Take to Design a New Home?


House Blueprint

You’ve waited years to begin building your dream home. Now that the time has come, you can’t wait to move in! While you may be anxious to get your family settled, it can take some time to get the design of your house right before your builder even breaks ground. How long can you expect your custom home design in Fort Wayne, IN, to take? Let’s break it down.  

Initial Consultation

Before any other design elements can happen, your builder will sit down with you to determine exactly what you want out of your home. They’ll gather information regarding your lot, budget, and expectations. This is the meeting when you’ll speak to them about what you want out of your home. You’ll likely choose a floor plan and make any necessary changes during this consultation. Based on this meeting, your builder will come up with estimates and determine the feasibility of your vision. Typically, this takes anywhere from four to six weeks.

Design Development

After the estimate is returned to you, you’ll meet with the builder again to make any necessary changes to your building plan. The first draft of your floor plan will be presented to you. You can request adjustments as needed. This is also the phase when permits will be requested from your city.

Your plans will most likely be sent to a structural engineer to ensure that the plans you’ve drafted are solid. They’ll ensure that your foundation is structurally sound and make any adjustments to the framing plans. Working together, your builder and their team will troubleshoot any necessary issues before construction even begins, ensuring that the job flows smoothly. The amount of time this phase takes will depend greatly on the number of revisions necessary to create your house’s final plans.

Finishes and Interior Design

Once you’ve chosen your floor plan and finalized the structural plans, it’s time to design the interior. Not only will your interior designer help to place practical items like light fixtures and electrical sockets, but they’ll also help you to choose the finishes that will make your house feel more like home. This is when you can expect to choose flooring, cabinets, paint, and molding. Many builders try to compact this appointment into one day, making it easier to nail down choices and get the ball rolling. For some, though, it can take a few appointments to finalize all of the finishes.

Wooden Beams of House being Constructed

It typically takes anywhere from six to nine months to build a home. With the right expertise and builder on your side, the process will be enjoyable, and you’ll be in your new home before you know it. If you’re in the market for custom home plans in Fort Wayne, IN, Lancia Homes is here to help. Learn more about our custom floor plans by visiting today.