How to Determine the Perfect House Plan



With so many available plans from new home builders, it can be difficult to figure out which house plan is right for you and your family. To get the home you want, it’s important to communicate with custom home builders, and this requires having a good idea of what features you want in your new home. Keep reading for tips on how to choose the perfect house plan.

Decide on the Square Footage

This is the best place to start when choosing a house plan. If you’re not sure what size home you want, tour a few model homes or ask friends. You can also ask friends or family for the approximate square footage of their homes, especially if you like the amount of space they have.

Decide on an Open or Segmented Floor Plan

It’s important to decide on the floor plan as soon as possible because this is something that’s not always easy to change during the building process. Free-flowing spaces can make smaller homes appear larger, but some buyers prefer segmented areas for privacy. If you’re not sure which floor plan suits your tastes, ask your new-home builder if they have model homes you can tour.

Decide on an Open or Segmented Floor Plan

Homes come in many styles from your traditional farmhouse style to modern homes. Your home’s elevation sets the tone and has a huge effect on curb appeal. Some neighborhoods only let you have specific architectural styles. So, when considering the style of your new custom-built home, also consider the area where it’s being built. Make sure you’re aware of any architectural restrictions or requirements.

Make a List of Important Features

Ideally, you want the house plan you select to include all the features you want. For example, do you want a mudroom? If it’s not in the plans, it can be hard to add this room later. The same stands true for any outdoor features you want such as a covered porch or a deck. When your budget allows, it’s always better to choose the features you want now instead of trying to come up with the money to add them to the house years down the line.

Consider the Future

How you use your house the day you move in might not be how you use your house in the future. For example, are you planning on having children or adding more children to your existing family? Are you nearing retirement and planning on aging in place in your home? These are examples of important questions you must ask yourself. You don’t want to build a beautiful home that doesn’t meet your current and future needs.

Selecting Your Builder

Selecting Your Builder

When you’re ready to choose a new-home builder in Fort Wayne, IN, the best home builder is one who has longevity in the business and enjoys helping their clients put their personal touch on their new homes. You want to choose a builder who stands behind their craftsmanship and emphasizes quality over quantity. You need a builder who takes their time building your new home. For affordable home builders in Fort Wayne, contact Lancia Homes at (260) 489-4433.