Guide to Selecting Windows for Your New Home


Exterior of home

When working with your home builder, you’ll have many opportunities to put your personal touch on your new home. Most custom luxury house plans in Fort Wayne, IN, include ways to customize layout, but you can also choose cabinet finishes, countertops, flooring, and more. Don’t forget the windows! We understand choosing the windows for a new home can feel a little overwhelming. We’ve put together a mini-guide designed to make the process easier. Read on for a few helpful tips!

Let the Light In

The primary function of a window is to let in natural light. Window shopping should include considering how much light you want in each room of your new home. Of course, the availability of natural light depends in part on the location of the home. Choose windows that allow ample natural light to serve the function of the room. For example, kitchens, especially those with a beautiful view, need windows that give you a fuller view of your surroundings.

Choose Your Window Style

While windows can help you save energy, they also create an aesthetic impact on the exterior of your home. When making window selections, choose styles that blend in with the exterior design. For example, if you’ve decided on a Craftsman design, rectangle-shaped, double-hung windows work well. The truth is double-hung windows work well with a variety of architectural styles. Out of all the different popular home designs, the contemporary design lends itself to just about any window style. Ask your home design team to help you envision your home with double-hung, casement, bow, and bay windows. You might even fall in love with the idea of a picture window in your kitchen or living area.

Select the Best Frame Material

After deciding on window styles, you’ll want to consider the material for your window frames. One of the most popular materials on the market today is vinyl. Busy homeowners want windows that don’t require heavy maintenance. Vinyl windows are easy to maintain because, unlike wood or aluminum frames, they’ll never need sanding or painting. If you’re looking for something that won’t peel or rot, go with vinyl. Vinyl windows also resist termite damage. You’ll also love the way you can customize vinyl window frames color to coordinate with your exterior color.

Unraveling the Mystery of Glass

If you’re thinking about energy savings, choosing the right glass is a crucial part of selecting your windows. If you go with standard glass, you’ll likely order dual-pane windows. Upgrading to triple-pane glass may help increase energy savings and block most outside noise from bothering you while you’re inside your home. Choosing low-E, argon-filled windows means you’ll enjoy exceptional efficiency. Homeowners in the Midwest love these windows because they help keep temperatures inside the home cooler in summer and warmer during the winter months.

Windows with the Wow Factor

Window design in your new home goes far beyond the basics of matching architectural styles, choosing frame material, and understanding the different types of glass packages. Since windows are the eyes to your home, you want them to stand out and create the wow factor! Make sure your custom home design in Fort Wayne, IN, includes plenty of space for you to customize at least a few of the windows. While double-hung windows can make an excellent choice, why not add design elements with transom or awning windows? In a ranch- or contemporary-style home, consider customizing with sliders. Custom home layouts from Lancia Homes offer ample opportunities to choose windows that make a statement. Contact us today, and let’s talk about your dream home!