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Welcome to Lancia Homes!

Supplying and Building Homes in Fort Wayne and New Haven

Lancia Homes is a place where your dream home comes to life. We are custom home builders with several options on floor plans and custom materials. We put the design aspect and size of your home in your hands. We predict that you will love living in your custom built house and will be ready to pass down your home to generations to come.

New Home Builders

If you wish to work with one of the best new home builders in Fort Wayne and New Haven, then we are pleased to assist you. Lancia Homes is here to provide you with endless options on how to create a home you will enjoy for a lifetime. Our rates are affordable and we provide many different financing options for you.
Each professional home builder from Lancia Homes will take you step by step through the process of how we can create your dream home. You will learn about our amazing options including materials, sizes, earth conscious green technology and even the community you will be part of. Our homes are built fairly quickly and we have the best production team around. From the moment you select your options and we create your blueprint to the moment the first stone hits the ground, we plan on keeping you informed, every step of the way. You will know how everything is going, how much time is left and you will have access to our experienced team to ask any questions about your new home.

Find Out More

Make an appointment or visit a Lancia Model Home to find out more about how we can get started building the home of your dreams. Call us at 260-489-4433 and make an appointment with our home builders and designers today!

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