The Perks of Buying a Newly Built Home


House Being Built

Considering a move into a new home? You’ll hear all the arguments and the pros and cons of buying a new vs. a gently lived in home. Sometimes it’s difficult to mute the opinions of friends and family and focus on what works best for you. Keep reading to discover a few perks you’ll enjoy when you choose a newly built home.

You Are the First Owner

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you walk into a brand-new home for the first time, especially when it’s your home. Every room smells fresh and clean! It’s kind of like that new car smell but better. You get a blank slate to create your dream palette without needing to first cover up a previous owner’s taste in color schemes. Since there’s no history, you get to write the book and make memories that belong only to you! Looking at a newly built home from a practical point of view, you also won’t inherit the previous owner’s repair issues.

Your New-Home Warranty

New homes come with warranties from your first day of ownership. Coverage for home warranties lasts 1, 2, or 10 years depending on which component or system needs repair or replacement. Warranties cover workmanship, systems such as the electrical and plumbing, and structural components such as the foundation and roof.

Personalize Your Home with Modern Features and Finishes

When you buy a brand-new home, you make it your own by choosing the features and finishes you want. For example, you may prefer a granite sink over stainless steel. Most newly built homes come with fantastic standard features, but you’ll also get to personalize things by choosing paint and flooring colors. Speaking of features, everything about a newly built home is modern. Builders use the latest technology and innovation in homebuilding. You likely won’t find this in an older home.

Energy Efficient Home Scale

Energy-Efficient Materials

Every homeowner loves saving money on their energy bills. Newly built homes are designed to use energy more efficiently than older homes. They’re built with a tighter seal, which prevents air from escaping. This helps save on your heating and cooling bills. Most new construction homes also feature high-efficiency insulation and energy-efficient windows and doors. When you pair energy-efficient building materials with green appliances, such as high-efficiency HVAC systems and water heaters, you enjoy even more savings.

Better Financing Opportunities

If you’re considering buying a newly built home for sale in Fort Wayne, IN, have you thought about financing? Builders can usually connect buyers with a group of preferred lenders. Lenders often help buyers take advantage of a range of special financing programs. Let Lancia Homes bring their personal touch to your new homebuying experience! Make an appointment with us today by calling 260-489-4433 or by visiting our main office in Fort Wayne.