Home Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Home in Top Shape


Your home isn't just a place where you live. From a practical standpoint, it's one of the most important investments you'll ever make. As such, you should aim to create an all-inclusive home maintenance checklist. Your checklist will guide you as you move from month to month, ensuring you take advantage of all opportunities to keep your home performing its best.

Home Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Home in Top Shape

What Is the Value of Home Maintenance?

Just like any structure, your residence requires some essential home upkeep. They'll eventually add up if you try to skip routine maintenance tasks. It's much less expensive to pay for regular maintenance than it is to pay for emergency repairs. And emergencies can happen if you keep pushing your home maintenance tasks aside.

What Are Some Tips for Maintaining a House?

Are you a new first-time homeowner or home builder? You may need to familiarize yourself with the types of maintenance and seasonal home care you need to consider. Below are some essential home upkeep must-include responsibilities to add to your home maintenance checklist.

  • Have an expert clean and examine your HVAC equipment at least once a year. Your HVAC unit keeps your home's temperature from becoming too hot or cold. Though most HVAC equipment can last more than a decade, the equipment must be serviced annually. Servicing is necessary to avoid sudden breakdowns. Plus, having a service plan may be required as part of your warranty.
  • Pay attention to your gutters and roof. Leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris can gather in your gutters and along the roof lines. Twice a year, have someone look at your roof and clean your gutters to ensure you're not experiencing any problems. Though some homeowners like to do these duties themselves, they're only appropriate for some, especially in the case of homes with steep and high roofs.
  • Give your landscaping some seasonal TLC. The landscaping around your home does more than add an element of curb appeal. It can also help provide shade for your roof or even an outdoor living space. However, your landscaping deserves to be tended appropriately. For example, trees, bushes, and shrubs may require regular pruning to avoid becoming eyesores or hazards. If you need help landscaping your yard alone, hire an expert to provide education and assistance.
  • Clean out your garage and basement. You probably take your garage and basement areas for granted, but they also need some care. The garage can quickly become a place of paint splatters and maybe a few unwanted critters. The same holds for the basement, mainly if it's unfinished. Though you don't have to paint your garage floor yearly or thoroughly dust every shelf in your basement, tidy up these important spaces.
  • Take spring cleaning seriously. If you can, seasonally clean your home from top to bottom, including wiping off the interior and exterior of windows and doors. Though cleaning your house might not be what you want to do on a beautiful weekend, it can pay off tremendously. Not only will any cobwebs be gone, but you'll extend the lifespan of furniture, fixtures, and flooring.
  • Install new smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors as needed. Typically, it is advisable for most households to change the batteries in their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors during the spring and fall seasons. But remember that all your detectors won't last forever. Eventually, you'll need to replace the whole detector unit and not just install a new battery. While at it, check out the expiration date on any fire extinguishers in your home.
  • Pay attention to your pool. Are you one of the many homeowners on your block with a pool? The pool and surrounding area should be maintained according to the type of pool you have. Again, if you "inherited" your pool when you bought your home, always ask a professional how to keep it looking its best.

When you have a home maintenance checklist in the Northwest Allen County school area, you have a document designed to protect your residence for the future. If you're starting on the path to building your dream home, visit a Lancia Homes location to speak with one of our team members.