Traditional Furniture vs. Contemporary Furniture


Gray and White Contemporary Living Room

One of the major benefits of custom luxury home plans in Fort Wayne, IN, is that the final product will always match your personal sense of style. This is great whether you're a traditionalist or you prefer something a bit more modern. When it comes to furnishings to go along with your new home, this choice needs to be made once again. Do you want something more traditional and classic, or do you like a more contemporary approach? It's worth looking at the key differences between traditional furniture and other more contemporary options to make an informed decision. There's no wrong choice, but it's important to embrace your personal preferences so your home reflects you and your ideal design elements.

Traditional Furniture

One signature characteristic of traditional design is the core material. Traditional furniture is typically made out of wood. This may seem somewhat obvious, but it's an essential characteristic. The wood tends to differ depending upon the period and available materials, but oak, maple, and mahogany are not uncommon. The result is that traditional furniture tends to be heavy, rugged, and able to endure for generations. Handcrafted pieces made from hardwood could last for generations. This is why traditional furniture sometimes becomes a family heirloom. If well-kept and preserved, it's able to endure and remain in excellent condition for quite some time.

Wood allows for some of the telltale designs that go along with traditional furniture. Common features include claw feet, rolled arms, arched backs, large feet, wooden trim, dark wood, or decorative knobs, and other carved features. The upholstery itself tends to be cloth, although leather is sometimes used. Traditional furniture tends to be ornate. It's often designed to resemble furniture that was common in the 19th century or even earlier. Early American, federal, and colonial are a few examples of American styles of traditional furniture.

Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture tends to distinguish itself from traditional furniture quite consciously and intentionally. Contemporary furniture chooses to break ties with traditional ideals and approaches to furniture. It uses synthetic fabric or other materials not found in traditional furniture, such as steel, glass, or formed plastics. With contemporary furniture designs, function is maintained, while traditional aesthetic principles tend to be ignored. Most contemporary furniture owes its origins or influence to the Shaker style. It's a clean and simple style with basic lines. The ornate features of traditional furniture are nowhere to be seen.

For contemporary furniture, the focus is on being subtle, understated, or sleek. Metal is taken advantage of in order to craft curves, and plastics enable the furniture to be light and colorful. You won't find sofa skirts or leather-covered buttons. However, you might find tubular steel or welded wire mesh.

Making a Choice

Neither option is wrong. If you prefer rustic or traditional architecture, you likely prefer traditional furnishings as well. The same is true if you like more modern or industrial architectural styles. Most people who want a contemporary home also want contemporary furniture. Of course, mixing and matching the two is also possible.

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preferences or even whimsy. If you prefer sleek and clean, contemporary furniture is probably the way to go. For something more ornate, traditional furniture deliver what you want. With the best home builders in Fort Wayne, IN, you can incorporate whatever furnishings you like. Contact Lancia Homes at (260) 489-4433 if you have any questions.