Custom vs. Production Homes: What's Best for You?


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Homeownership is one of the most important goals in life. However, purchasing an existing home usually comes with some concessions. Maybe the layout is awkward due to an unprofessional remodel. The bedrooms are too small, there isn’t enough closet space, and you wanted more outdoor living spaces. For many people, it makes more sense to build a home from the ground up. There are two types of new home construction: production homes or custom homes. Either type starts with a consultation with the best home builders in Fort Wayne, INto help you decide which one is your best solution. 

Custom vs. Production Homes

Both custom and production builders create beautiful homes. Choosing which type of builder you prefer begins with deciding how many design and construction decisions you’re prepared to make. Generally, production home builders are higher volume builders who design and construct homes in a community, such as a subdivision. They have a selection of homes for you to choose from and offer a variety of options so that you can personalize the design to your needs. A custom builder designs a one-of-a-kind home built on a single lot. As the buyer, you make several important decisions about the layout, construction, and design.

Production Homes

For those seeking to curb costs on new home construction, it’s important to find an affordable home builder in Fort Wayne, IN, who is experienced with production homes. Because they build homes in planned communities and build large numbers of homes, they can purchase materials in volume, and that saves you money. Owners choose from a specific number of home designs, which many view as a convenient solution, especially if they are unfamiliar with the requirements of home construction. They have the option of choosing a design that meets their layout and square footage needs. But each design offers an array of personalization options, such as flooring, cabinets, fixtures, and exterior and interior colors. 

Custom Homes

For those who seek a home construction that specifically fits their needs, a custom home is a perfect solution. Custom homes are generally more costly than production homes. These homes range in size and offer unlimited design choices, so it’s important to determine a budget before you begin making decisions. Each customization increases the price of the construction. Plus, there may be land-related costs to consider, such as utilities, sewer lines, and a driveway. Ultimately, you, as the home buyer, can choose whatever features you need to create the perfect living space, and the new home builder will make it a reality. 

Sketch of Home Interior

Finding the Right Home Builder

The quality of your new home depends on the builder you choose. Find the best home builder in Fort Wayne, IN, and your home will last a lifetime and beyond. Visit show homes or open houses of local builders. Inspect the materials used, as well as the homes’ layout and design features. We offer a variety of spacious floor plans in either one or two-story options. Visit our website to learn more about our spacious, unique home designs.