Customization Options: Personalizing Your New Home


Nothing is as exciting as personalizing your new home with custom features designed around your preferred lifestyle. However, you may not be current on the latest or hottest home customization ideas and trends. To help you design a home you'll love, consider some emerging features currently being added to custom-built houses in Carroll High School and other neighborhood areas.

Customization Options: Personalizing Your New Home
  • Modern Floor Plans It's time to move past dated floor plans and embrace exciting contemporary floor planning. Most modern floor plans include open spaces that morph into one another. This gives families the chance to use spaces for multiple purposes. For instance, wider kitchens with lounge areas can be used for eating, socializing, and working. Most modern floor planning designs have plenty of versatility, enabling you to rearrange your spaces to fit your preferences and needs.
  • Spa and Boutique Hotel Elements Home is the place where you can pamper yourself. But it's hard to feel completely relaxed and comfortable without the right surroundings. That's one of the reasons that home builders are being asked to construct bathrooms and master bedrooms conducive to having spa-like atmospheres and appeal. One example of this home feature would be a multi-room bathroom with a walk-in shower and sauna. Another could be a large master bedroom with a special nook for watching television.
  • Abundant Natural Lighting Increasing the natural light in any home with personalized home features reduces the need for artificial lighting and brings out the natural beauty, decor, and colors of interior spaces. To achieve a stronger sense of natural lighting throughout a new-build custom home, planners often recommend adding floor-to-ceiling windows, bay window systems, and skylights. Walk-out four-season rooms can also elegantly and organically bring more sunshine into a house.
  • Eco-Friendlier, Energy-Efficient Amenities Sustainability is of prime importance to both homeowners and custom home builders. Working together, these groups can uncover ways to ensure that an individualized home design is eco-friendly and appealing. Regarding eco-friendly customization solutions, an often overlooked possibility is adding environmentally friendly insulation throughout a home. The proper, sustainably sourced insulation can keep a home feeling good year-round while also doing good for the planet.
  • Tech-Ready Home Office Areas In the past few years, the world has moved toward more hybrid and remote working arrangements between employers and employees. The result of this shift in working styles can be seen in how homeowners personalize their custom residences. It's common for newer homes to include at least one dedicated home office space tethered to technology.
  • More Emphasis on Landscaping While curb appeal is often mentioned during home buying and selling, it's also important to homeowners. Liking your home's looks can make it feel more like the home of your dreams. Landscaping trends such as the addition of outside living spaces, pools, fountains, small ponds and other waterscapes, low-maintenance plants, and native tree species are transforming homes from ordinary to extraordinary. With innovative landscaping, homeowners can make any property more livable — and sometimes more desirable to future buyers.
  • Creative Closets and Storage Areas Everyone wants to have enough room for all the things they need to store in their homes. Custom closets and other storage spaces always make it easy to have a place for everything, big or small. This includes all the little "stuff" that doesn't need to be on display until the season and situation is right. From walk-in closets attached to master suites to carefully hidden storage areas and pantries peppered throughout a home, creative crannies are making their way into custom-build designs more frequently.

Which of these features will be most appropriate for you and your family? The best way to find out is to speak with the team at Lancia Homes. Our objective is to help clients determine which custom elements are well-suited to their desires so they can enjoy their new homes for the long haul.