Guide to Building a Custom Home on Your Land


Wooden Frames of House being Built

You’ve probably dreamt of what your future home will look like. Now that you’ve found the perfect lot, that dream home is even closer to becoming a reality. But, how do you translate your dreams into action? With the help of new home builders in Fort Wayne, IN, you can design your house from the ground up.

Define Your Vision

When you were shopping for land, you probably had a list of things you were looking for. Maybe it was a corner lot with breathtaking views, or perhaps it was a smaller lot that wouldn’t require much yard work. This is the same type of approach you should take when designing your home. Before doing anything else, write down exactly what you want your future home to be like. How will your home play a role in your family’s life? Do you plan on staying there as your family transitions through different phases? Do you like to entertain? Is outdoor space important to you? Defining your expectations makes it a lot easier to design your home and create a space that you’re completely satisfied with.


As you define your vision, create two separate columns. One should contain all of the items that are must-haves, and the others should be placed on your wish list. As you begin thinking about your future home, you’ll realize that there are a few things that non-negotiable. Maybe you need a specific number of bathrooms or bedrooms. These items should be noted as must-haves. This means that no matter what, your home has to have these things. The other column should contain the items that you’d love to have but aren’t a deal-breaker. Sorting your wants from your needs will make it easier to stick to a budget and create a functional design.

Utilize Your Builder

The builder of your home has likely built thousands of homes before yours. They probably have a staff of professional designers, architects, and planners. Take advantage of their expertise and let them help you through the process. For example, they can help you choose a floor plan that includes all of your must-haves and that best utilizes the shape of your lot. They can also review your finish choices with you and recommend subtle changes that will make your home flow better. While you may have a good idea of what you want, your builder can provide a professional opinion and a different perspective.

Be Patient with the Process

When building a home, it’s important to be patient. Your builder will work closely with the city and the contractors to make sure that the correct permits are pulled and that inspections are completed as needed. It can take time for paperwork to be filed. While it may be frustrating, understand that it’s all part of the process. Before you know it, your home will be complete!

House Model and Blueprints

If you’ve found your lot and now you’re on the hunt for a new home contractor in Fort Wayne, IN, look no further than Lancia Homes. With functional floor plans and experienced designers, your dream home is closer than you may think! Learn more about the building process by visiting today.