Choosing the Perfect Floor Plan: A Guide to Lancia Homes' Options


When building your dream home, you may find it enlightening to discover the multitude of avenues available for personalizing your experience. The available features, from windows and siding to building size and style, can initially seem overwhelming. However, when you take several steps, choosing the right house design to meet your family's needs is possible. The first is determining which floor plan type suits your lifestyle best.


What Is a Home Floor Plan?

A home floor plan is the general way a house is laid out. For instance, some homes are two-story, and others are ranch-style residences. Each type may be preferable depending on what you want.

When working with a builder of custom homes, you'll be introduced to a wide range of home floor plan selection options. Ask yourself key questions to help you narrow your perfect fit to just a few floor plan possibilities.

  • What home style appeals to me? Do you like having your bedrooms on the second story? Would you like most bedrooms upstairs, except a ground-floor master suite? Is a home with a loft something you want to consider? Choosing a style early in your home floor plan selection in Fort Wayne, IN, and all the locations served by Lancia Homes will immediately streamline your experience.
  • How many bedrooms do I need? Even if you find a structure with one of the best home layouts you've ever seen, it won't match your needs if it doesn't have the right number of bedrooms. Be sure to consider not just your bedroom needs of today, though. If you plan to have more children or eventually move aging parents into your home, you might need more bedrooms than you initially thought.
  • What square footage would serve us well? The square footage of a home matters, although not always as much as you think. Depending on how a home is laid out, a home with a larger square footage may feel cozier than a smaller one. Visit a few model homes to determine your ideal square footage range.

Now that you've answered those questions, you can find the best home layouts that match your parameters.

Do Builders Offer Customizable Floor Plans?

It's okay if you think, "I like everything about this home's general floor plan EXCEPT ____." This is to be expected. While all custom-built floor plans are designed to attract as many homebuyers as possible, they aren't necessarily set in stone (or wood, steel, or brick!)

Highly reputable builders will offer customizable floor plans. In other words, you can work with the builder to decide which features or amenities you would like to replace or swap for others.

To illustrate how home floor plan customization works, let's consider the mid-sized Ashley III from Lancia Homes. It's a four-bedroom home with two-and-a-half baths offering more than 2,500 square feet of livable space. Yet, it's far more than meets the eye because it can be personalized.

What types of personalization do Ashley III buyers consider? A popular solution for homeowners needing more storage space is choosing a full basement rather than a partial one. That way, they have room to keep all their treasures. Alternatively, they may want to turn their full basement into a rec room or other space.

More than anything, customizable floor plans in Fort Wayne, IN, enable you to enhance the beauty of your home and make it as comfortable as possible.


What Are Some Other Tips to Consider When Selecting a Home Floor Plan?

As you move deeper into the process of pinpointing the right home floor plan (with or without customization), keep several tips in mind:

  • Your budget may play a factor in whether you can have all the customized elements you want. Therefore, create a checklist with all your customization ideas. From that point, you can prioritize which are most important to you.
  • If a home style needs a radical floor plan adjustment, you may look at the wrong home for your family. With many floor plans builders offer, you may be better off switching from one home layout to another. Consider the Autumn Whisper I versus the Autumn Whisper II. Both maintain the same theme, but the Autumn Whisper II has an extra bedroom and more square footage. Consequently, if you're sold on the Autumn Whisper I and want to customize it by adding a bedroom, you probably just need to upgrade to the Autumn Whisper II rather than redo the Autumn Whisper I floor plan.
  • Think about how long you expect to stay in your home. Many families build homes to keep for decades. If that's your circumstance, remember that you want your house to grow with your family. As a result, you'll love your home throughout all your life transitions.

Are you interested in moving forward with a home builder? Lancia Homes' team is ready to help! Check out our locations page to find the best times to meet with one of our experts to start the floor plan selection experience.