Ten Reasons That Homeowners Love Open Floor Plans

biracial couple in home kitchen

If you've been looking at new home designs and potential floor plans, you've no doubt come across a few open concept houses. It's a popular option that combines several important areas into one central location undivided by walls and doorways, such as an open kitchen and living room. This allows for more freedom of movement – but there are many other reasons that homebuyers look for open floor plans. Let's take a look at the advantages!

1. Open Floor Homes Feel Bigger

One issue with closed floor plans that have lots of walls is that the spaces can sometimes feel closed in, claustrophobic, and generally just smaller. An open floor looks and feels larger, which can make living in the home more comfortable. This is also why higher, vaulted ceilings are such a good fit for open floor plans and can add even more dimension to the area.

2. There's More Light and Airflow

When homeowners describe their modern open-concept kitchens and living rooms, they often use words like "airy" and "lighter." Without walls closing in different spaces, there is literally more room for light from windows to reflect and air to move around. That's why these spaces can feel freer, more friendly – and easier to control with a central thermostat. That brings us to another important benefit of open floor plans…

3. You Can Save Money on Energy Bills

These central, open locations are easier for HVAC systems to heat and cool compared to closed-off spaces where air can't move as freely. That means your heating and cooling units don't have to work as hard or as long to reach your desired temperature. Since heating and cooling take up the lion's share of your monthly energy bills, this can lead to savings compared to a more enclosed home.

4. There Are Many Open Floor Options

You aren't stuck with just one type of combined room open floor plan: Home designs allow for many different approaches. For example, a small open concept kitchen, dining, and living room plan may open up all these rooms so everyone can easily walk between them. However, those who prefer the kitchen to be more enclosed while they cook can choose plans that open up the living room and dining room in the same space but keep the kitchen more enclosed. Others that like a separate space for eating and entertaining can find plans that only open the kitchen and living room. Plus, there are many compromises like using counters, half-walls, and archways to add some space separation while still keeping things open!

5. It's a Great Space for Entertaining

Designs like ranch style house plans with open floor plan are also perfect spots for entertaining larger groups. With the kitchen so available, it's easy to create and serve snacks or get additional supplies. Groups of people can easily find each other, communicate across larger distances, and move around to spots they like, too.

6. It's Easier to Keep an Eye on the Kids

Parents often love floor plans with an open kitchen and living room because it allows them to watch over kid-related activity while they are busy working on dinner or having conversations with other adults. That makes an open floor plan a great home for hosting playdates or letting kids play in the living room. In fact, this is one of the often-cited reasons that open floor plans became popular during the mid-20th century.

7. Homes Become More Multifunctional

So far, we've been talking about specific room types that are combined under open floor plans, like kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms. But it isn't necessary to define spaces like this with an open plan. For example, typical open concept ranch floor plans have spaces that can be used as recreation "rooms," corners that can serve as home offices, spaces that can be dedicated to gaming or sports, and so on. This inherent flexibility also allows owners to switch the purpose of spaces on the fly, like moving the dining area for a party.

8. You Can Enjoy More of Your Home's Assets

Open floor plans draw the eye to beams, wall colors, floor materials, and other assets around the home. That's very rewarding for homeowners that have chosen stone tiles, wood tones, specific wall colors, or other beautiful materials. It also makes it easier to plan specific focal points when you are making décor choices.

9. It Works Better with Outdoor Spaces

Do you like the idea of a home with decks or patios that you can use for hosting events, playing games, or just enjoying a sunny afternoon? Open floor concepts pair particularly well with frequently-used outdoor spaces. It makes it much easier to move from indoors to outside – like from the kitchen to an outdoor area to serve food or collect plates, or to bring toys back to the living room after playing.

10. Better Real Estate Values

Finally, open floor plans have been proven to add value to a home if the time ever comes to think about selling. They may a great first impression for potential homebuyers and are easier for people to plan around when thinking about purchasing a house. They're also associated with more modern designs that people may be looking for. That's why an open floor plan can increase a home's market value by more than 7%.

At Lancia Homes, we have plenty of experience designing open floor plans for all kinds of houses. Contact us today to learn more about these concepts, find open house models to explore, or set up a Zoom meeting to discuss your plans in more detail!