What Size House Is Right for Your Family?


Across the U.S., the median new home size is 2,301-square-feet, according to the Census Bureau. Depending on the number of people you live with and how you use your home, 2,301-square-feet might seem massive or tiny.

When you're reviewing custom home design plans in Fort Wayne, IN, how can you determine the size of a house that will work for your family? It can be helpful to look beyond square footage and to examine the layout of the house and what each room is meant to be used for when deciding how much home is right for you.

How Many People Will Live in the House?

Your new home should have enough space for each member of your family. Whether that means each person gets their own bedroom or children share bedrooms is up to you. If you have older children, such as preteens or teenagers, you might want to give them each their own rooms, to keep the peace in your home as much as possible.

The number of people in the house also influences the number of bathrooms you have. If more than two people live in the home, having more than one bathroom often becomes a necessity. Otherwise, you'll have to create a bathroom use schedule and start timing showers so that everyone can get to school and work on time.

How Will You Use Your Home?

How you use your home also determines the size that is right for you and the number of rooms you need. Some houses include formal dining rooms and two living rooms, one for everyday use and one for formal entertaining. But many people eat in their kitchen, even when they have family or friends over and few use the "formal" living room in the home.

As more and more people work from home, having a separate home office becomes more important. If at least one person in your household works from home, you might consider buying a house that has a separate workspace for them so they aren't stuck working in the kitchen or living room. If you have kids who need to study or attend an online school, it can be helpful to have a separate study room for them.

Another thing to consider when choosing the size and layout of your home is how often you have overnight guests. If all of your children are grown but still stay with you over the holidays, you might need to have enough bedrooms to accommodate them. Even if you don't have regular overnight visits from your kids, you might want at least one extra bedroom so you have a place to offer guests. 

What Does Your Future Look Like?

When choosing your home, think of your current situation as well as what your future family might look like. If you plan on having kids or growing your family, you might want to buy a house that has room to grow in. If you anticipate your kids moving out of the home within the next few years, think about how you'll use their bedrooms once they've moved on.

A custom home allows you to get all the amenities and features you need in a house and nothing you don't. You also have more of a say over the size of the home when you work with a custom builder in Fort Wayne, IN. Contact Lancia Homes today to learn more about our floor plans and custom home amenities.