Energy Efficiency

Why Build a New Lancia home? A NEW Lancia home Saves Energy = Your Money!

Energy costs continue to rise, but one way to lower your winter energy bills is with a New energy efficient Lancia home. Lancia has been building homes since 1975 and each one is built to our high energy efficient standards. Our homes receive an average of 64 on the HERS scale and if you were to give that a letter grade Lancia homes would have an "A". Our homes are built tight and have cold air returns throughout the home keeping you and the home healthy while saving you money on Energy bills!

  • Most homes on the market rate 130 HERS, Lancia's rate in the mid 30's to low 70's, which means while others are paying $1.30 for energy you pay 65 to 70cents. Our median is 64 or 64cents, lower than most builders.
  • Smart-Home thermostat from Simplx saves you money by allowing you to program the thermostat to your family’s schedule
  • Low-E, argon-filled windows are engineered for superior energy-efficiency
  • Electrical outlets on outside walls are sealed with foam insulation
  • All Lancia homes include the 96.2% efficiency gas forced-air furnace
  • R-45 attic floor insulation and R-15 wall insulation
  • Choice of insulated fiberglass door styles
  • Return air vents in every bedroom for improved air circulation and personal comfort
  • Bath fan circulation in our Main Baths keeps your home healthy
  • The average new home has a HERS (Home Energy Rating Standard) Index rating of 100, while an existing home has a HERS rating of 130. The lower the number, the less energy the home will use for utilities.
  • Lancia’s Yorktown, for example, has an average HERS rating of 64. An annual savings of $1,446 per year. 66% savings on utility and energy bills compared to a standard existing home.
  • Lancia’s Wilshire II 2-story home has an average HERS rating of 60. An annual utility savings of $1,545 per year. 70% savings on utility costs compared to an existing home.
  • Lancia is the only builder in the area with a Version 3 Energy Star Home. Ask our reps about making your new Lancia Home an Energy Star Version 3 home!
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