Why a Lancia Townhouse May Be For You

large townhouse

Buying a new home is a big decision — and one to be made after careful consideration, research, and planning. When looking into buying a new home, many buyers may overlook townhomes. They might wonder whether a townhome is a good investment, whether they can find townhomes with backyards, and whether they offer many of the same advantages as single-family homes.

Modern Villa vs House

Whether you refer to it as a house, single-family home, detached home, or standalone house, you’re referring to a residential building that doesn’t rely on another building for support. A house, as one of the terms implies, stands alone. A Modern Lancia Villa or townhome is a residential building that shares at least one wall with another unit of its kind. Townhouses usually have a uniform design and style and typically have at least two floors.

That technical difference between Lancia Villas and houses is just the beginning. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a Modern Lancia Villa vs a house, and there are a lot of details to bear in mind when deciding which option is best for you.

1. Cost

Modern Lancia Villa typically cost less upfront than houses. This means that you’ll be able to put less money down, get a smaller loan, and have smaller payments than if you were to purchase a house. In general, Modern Lancia Villas are more affordable.

2. Maintenance

As the owner of a single-family home, any maintenance and landscaping needs fall directly on you. Grass getting a little too long? You’ll need to mow it or pay someone else. Sidewalk icy and covered in snow? Get out that shovel or hire someone. When you live in a townhouse, you’re typically part of a larger community association that outsources landscaping and other community maintenance work. This means you won’t need to worry about mowing your lawn, shoveling the walk, or cleaning out gutters. This not only saves you money but time as well.

3. Amenities

Most Modern Lancia Villas are found in communities that have shared amenities. You’ll likely have access to a clubhouse, swimming pool, and fitness center, all of which you get to enjoy without having to contribute directly to the upkeep. These amenities are also in close proximity, so you can typically walk or bike over instead of having to travel across town and fight traffic. Other amenities that are headaches for homeowners? Pest control, trash services, and HVAC services. When you live in a Modern Lancia Villa, these services are usually provided for you and set up by the HOA of the community.

4. Community

Townhouses are close together and built in a communal setting. With the amenities only available to residents in the area, you can build a network, make new friends, and get to know your neighbors better. This is a huge benefit if you’re social and enjoy interacting with your neighbors.

5. Investment

Many people wonder if Modern Lancia Villas are a good investment, and it surprises people to learn that they are just as good of an investment — if not more so — than standalone homes. When you buy a Modern Lancia Villa, you own the unit itself and the land it sits on. By contrast, with a condo you just own the unit, and with a house, you own the structure, the land underneath it, and the surrounding plot as well.

Modern Lancia Villas retain their value and, in some cases, appreciate more than single-family homes in the same area. Townhouses also are great for those looking for a second property to use as a rental. They’re less expensive upfront and provide a high return on investment, making them a great investment opportunity.

Types of Townhomes

There are a few different types of townhouses, and each has unique advantages.

  • Traditional — These are the ones most people imagine when they think of townhomes. They’re normal-sized homes that share sidewalls with neighboring units. They have basements and two floors and include backyards or patios.
  • Three-story — These are similar to traditional and have shared sidewalls, but they don’t include basements. They usually have attached garages and three floors, making them larger in square footage.
  • Bungalow lofts — Bungalow loft townhomes are also similar to traditional, but they have one floor with a loft to offer some additional square footage without including a full second floor.
  • Split-level — Split-level townhomes find themselves in between traditional and three-story townhomes. These have staggered floors with shorter staircases that create five floors of living space.

Townhouses offer many advantages over single-family homes. If you’re looking for your next property, a townhouse just might be the best fit for you. For more information on our properties and finding the right Modern Villas for you, visit Lancia Homes today.