What You Need to Know about Stick-Built Homes


Custom Home Design Against a Natural Setting

When home shoppers consider building a custom home, they may hear about what is known as “stick-built” homes. That might seem like an alien concept, but stick-built homes are actually quite common. Many homes you see are considered stick-built, and where custom homes are concerned, it’s a very popular method of building a home. If you’re considering custom built home designs in Fort Wayne, IN, here are a few things you should know about stick-built homes.

What Is a Stick-Built Home?

Let’s start with the basics. A stick-built home is a house that’s built piece by piece on a building site out of wood. If you see a house being constructed on an empty lot, and the frame is made of wood, then that’s a stick-built home. This stands in contrast to either modular homes or prefabricated houses which are built off site and then reassembled on site. For the best custom house design in Fort Wayne, IN, most home builders prefer stick-built homes.

Customized Floor Plans

One reason home buyers prefer stick-built homes is the ease with which they can be customized. A custom home builder will often start with a series of floor plans for the buyer to choose from, but from there, it’s up to the buyer to determine the ultimate design of the house. If you were to have a custom stick-built home, you could determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the sizes of the living room and kitchen, and the basic layout so that the custom home is exactly the way you want it to be.

Your Choice of Materials

Because stick-built are built from the bottom up, the types of materials used in construction are entirely up to the buyer. If you want granite countertops, you can order them in advance from the contractor. If you’d like hardwood floors, you can have them ready to go before you ever move in. Stick-built homes give you the advantage of never having to worry about making renovations to an older, lived-in home because you can determine how you’d like your home built prior to the start of construction.

Watching the Building Process

Prefabricated homes are designed and built offsite, away from prying eyes. Stick-built homes are constructed on your lot where you can be involved in every step of the way. You get to be present for the groundbreaking, and you can watch the process as it unfolds over several weeks and months. If any problem were to develop, you’ll be informed, and if you were to change your mind regarding your home’s specifications — or if some unforeseen issue were to occur — you can provide any necessary input so everything can continue apace.

Built for the Site

When a building is constructed in a factory and moved to a lot, there’s no way to customize the home for its environment. Stick-built homes, on the other hand, can be made to accommodate the lot upon which it sits. This allows the builder to optimize the lot for the home, and build a house that’s more personal and attractive.

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