What Is a Home Builders' Association?



If you're looking for a home construction company to build your next dream home, it's helpful to start your search with your local home builders' association—especially if you want to work with a contractor whose workmanship and business practices you can trust.

Many consumers looking to build a home may be completely unfamiliar with home builders' associations and what they can offer in terms of credibility and trust, but these organizations should be a top point of consideration when vetting potential builders to work on your next project. Here's an in-depth look at the purpose of home builders' associations, and how they can benefit your custom home construction.

What is a Home Builders' Association?

A home builders' association (HBA) is a professional membership organization that provides a number of benefits and services to professional home builders. Through those membership services, the association also passes on valuable benefits to customers of those companies.

Typically, an HBA performs a number of functions and services for its members, including lobbying and advocacy on certain issues relevant to the home construction industry. It can also help builders get access to bulk discounts on materials, along with more affordable insurance that can help keep overall building costs lower.

An HBA can also improve a builders' access to local talent and provide networking opportunities with specialists who may be called in to assist on your construction project. Some HBAs also offer support with advertising and other business practices to support local builders and give them the resources they need to build and sustain success.

What are the benefits of a Home Builders' Association?

For consumers interested in building their own custom homes, the biggest benefit of a home builders' association is the legitimacy and trust that comes with membership. As you search for a local builder to construct your new custom home, their membership with a local HBA provides a stamp of approval in terms of their reputation.

Membership in a local professional organization demonstrates their commitment to their work, reveals their active participation in the local construction community and makes it easier to trust the quality and professionalism you can expect from that service provider. And, if you're trying to find a builder and don't have any strong leads, your local HBA may be a great option for exploring your options and finding the right builder.

Who regulates home builders?

Home builders are regulated and monitored through several different governmental and private organizations. The most authoritative of these organizations is your state's department of labor and commerce and/or your state's office of the attorney general. Either of these government organizations may have options where you can submit complaints or seek counsel if you believe your builder has breached the terms of your agreed-upon construction contract.

In addition to support from the government, you can also use organizations like the Better Business Bureau to vet a builder's reputation and to file a complaint if you believe you were the victim of unfair business practices. If you're stuck in a dispute with a builder, your local HBA doesn't have strict regulatory authority over that company, but it can help point you toward resources and support that will help you in your dispute.

How can I find custom home builders near me?

If you're on the hunt for a new home builder, your local home builders' association is a great place to start. Or, if you're currently narrowing down your list of potential candidates to build your next home, check their membership in the local HBA to make sure they're credible and a part of this important professional organization. Asking, “Are there reputable or recommended home builders near me?" on a phone call or checking the local HBA membership list is a great way to start.

For those seeking a new home builder in Fort Wayne, IN, Lancia Homes is listed as a trusted builder by the Home Builders Association of Fort Wayne. We’re important members of the community, with recognition from both the local HBA and the statewide Indiana Builders Association.

Even if you're inclined to work with a builder you already know and trust, it's worth taking a minute to check their membership status in the local HBA. If they're listed, you can move forward with even greater confidence in their services. If they aren't listed, you might want to do some more investigative work.

When you're taking on a major project like new home construction, you want to make sure your project is in good hands with a builder you can trust. Do your homework when researching potential builders, and make sure they're in good standing with the local HBA.