What is the Best Material for a Front Door?


One of the things we may take for granted the most in our homes is the front door. You probably don’t realize how much thought goes into a front door until you must replace it. There is so much to consider. For starters, curb appeal is a big deal. Yes, we would like to imagine that when we land in a home, we’ll be there forever, but that isn’t the case for most people. Not many people may know this: your front door is a big deal regarding curb appeal. 

Getting the most back on your investment is crucial when selling your home, but you must also think of protection while living there. Your front door is the last line of defense between you and whatever weather may come your way. You want to ensure you have something that will keep your home temperate and sealed. 

So, what makes for the best material for a front door? If you’ve been searching for a new front door, this article is for you. We’ll review the best front door materials and what makes them so good!

Get to know the materials

When looking for a new front door, it is important to know the type of front door material you will be working with. Here is a rundown of everything you need to know. 


Fiberglass doors are great for people who live in climates that may not be so friendly from time to time. Why is this? It’s because fiberglass is durable and doesn’t require much maintenance. Climate changes won’t warp or crack your door; similarly, temperature changes won’t cause your door to expand or contract. 

Also, fiberglass doors come in a wide array of styles. Whether you want something more modern looking or something to give your house that classic traditional look, you’ll be able to find it with a fiberglass door. You can even find fiberglass doors that look exactly like wood!

Simply put, fiberglass offers durability, low maintenance, and many styles. All of these factors make fiberglass truly one of the best exterior door materials.


Steel doors also offer a great amount of durability and do so at a lower price point than fiberglass. These are great doors for those who live in areas where they regularly get bad weather or for people who are worried about their safety in their homes. 

Regarding aesthetics, steel can shine as well (quite literally!) If you want a modern look, you can easily get that with a steel door. Nothing says modern, like something shiny and metallic. However, those who prefer a more traditional look can also find those options. 

The big plus side of steel is the price point and the durability. The downside is that it might require some extra maintenance. If you fail to properly care for your door, it could rust, diminishing its lifespan. 


Wood is the most classic of all the choices. As far as wood doors go, they offer the best look out of all three materials listed. So, if you are concerned about curb appeal, wood is the way to go. 

However, there are plenty of drawbacks to wood doors. Those living in harsher climates will find that wood doors do not last as long as fiberglass or steel. They can warp, crack, expand, and contract. The upkeep on wood doors is significant compared to fiberglass and steel. If you choose to go with a high-end model of a wood door, you could wind up spending a good chunk of change. 

So, yes, wood doors are awesome to look at, but with the availability of fiberglass and steel doors that are made to look like wood, it’s hard to recommend something that, in the long run, will cost you more and last for less. 

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