Using a Black-and-White Theme for Interior Design


Black-and-white bathroom

Contemporary home design often revolves around a black-and-white theme. This gives the room a crisp, clean look with lots of visually interesting contrasts between light and dark. When done right, the look is quite impressive. But when done incorrectly, it can end up looking like Cruella de Vil’s penthouse. If you’re hoping to pull off this look and achieve the best custom home design in Fort Wayne, IN, be sure to follow these tips. Or, better yet, work with an interior designer who can make sure it’s done right.

When in Doubt, Start Small

If you’re doing this on your own, and you’re at all uncertain about how the black-and-white theme will look in your home, start with a small room. A bathroom, for example, is a great place to test out this color scheme to ensure that it’s something you like as well as to give you practice in making it work. Bathrooms look stunningly elegant with black marble countertops, accented with a stark white sink. Switch out your plumbing fixtures for a shiny gold to really make the room pop.

Once you’re confident in your ability to pull off the black-and-white look, you can move on to bigger, more complicated projects.

From the Bottom Up

When designing a black-and-white room, it’s a good idea to start with the floors. The floors really help to pull it all together; if you’re doing a room in black and white, but the carpet is beige, something will always feel a bit off about the room. If you can’t replace the flooring, consider getting a large black-and-white rug to pull the room together.

Go White on the Walls

Obviously, black on all the walls would be a bit overpowering in most rooms. So, go with white instead. If pure, bright white is a bit much for you, consider ivory instead because it still works well without being quite as overwhelming. White walls also make a great backdrop for your photographs and wall art.

If you’re feeling bold, you could also opt for a black accent wall. This adds some depth to the room and breaks up the pure white walls.

Add Some Touches of Color

Don’t think that a black-and-white theme means you can’t have any color at all. In fact, a few splashes of color here and there can really tie everything together. Add some pops of color in the matting around your photographs, the pillows on your couches, or the lampshade on your nightstand.

Additionally, if you’re finding pure black and stark white to be a bit much for your taste, don’t be afraid to work with shades of gray as well. This can help to tone down the sharp contrasts if you prefer something a bit more subtle.

Not Just Contemporary

Finally, don’t assume that using a black-and-white color scheme means that you need to decorate with a contemporary style. As neutral colors, black and white can work well with virtually any decorating style. If you want to decorate in a cottage style, use black-and-white gingham fabrics on pillows and table runners. Ticking stripes in black and white are also an excellent fabric choice for this style.

If you’re looking to redesign your home, whether in black and white or an entirely different scheme, contact Lancia Homes for custom luxury home designs in Fort Wayne, IN.