Understanding the Types of Exterior Doors


Front door

Building a new home involves making many decisions, including big decisions, such as the overall blueprint of the home, and little details, such as the style of your front door. With so many decisions to make with your home builder in Fort Wayne, IN, such little details can seem trivial, but they’re extremely important to achieve the finished look you desire. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of exterior doors you have to choose from for your home’s final design.

Slab vs. Prehung

Slab vs. Prehung

First and foremost, it’s important to be aware that, with a new home build, you’ll almost always want a prehung door. A prehung door includes both the door and the door frame. Why does this matter? Purchasing both the door and frame together ensures the absolute best fit and seal for your exterior doors, which improve both security and energy efficiency for your home.

Slab doors are generally used for door replacements, so if you need to replace your door for some reason down the road, you can look further into these options. Just know that if you’re shopping for a door for your brand-new home and browsing the options at a local hardware store, the prehung doors are what you’ll want to look at.

What Material?

You’ll also want to consider what material you want for your front door. There are generally three material options available:

  • Wood – This offers a more traditional style, giving your front door a welcoming and homey appearance with the natural wood grains. Wood doors also tend to be very heavy and sturdy, making them relatively secure for an exterior door.
  • Steel – This material generally includes a layer of insulation inside the door for improved energy efficiency. Steel doors are very strong, making them an excellent choice if you’re concerned about home security. While the name might make you think they’d be cold and unwelcoming as a front door, steel doors come in a number of styles that can still look cheery and inviting.
  • Fiberglass – The final option is fiberglass. This material can be smooth or textured to look like wood grain. It tends to be very light, making it easy to move and is usually the most affordable option. However, it does sacrifice some durability and energy efficiency.

Features to Consider

You’ll also want to consider other features within the door, such as the size and shape of any windows you want built into it. And, of course, the color is something to think about, as you’ll want it to complement the rest of the home’s exterior.

You’ll also want to consider features surrounding the front door itself, such as transoms and sidelights. These narrow windowpanes can help bring more light into your home and make your front porch more inviting to any visitors.

Choosing a front door is just one of many things to consider when building a new home, but it’s definitely not a decision you should make quickly or lightly. If you would like assistance with designing a new home, or with finding a multifamily home for sale in Fort Wayne, IN, that suits your family’s needs, contact Lancia Homes today. We’ll help you find or design the perfect home. Call now!