The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Dream Kitchen

open plan kitchen with decor

Do you want to make sure a new home has the perfect kitchen? Then it's time to start planning. Our quick guide will help you think about your dream kitchen and what features are an absolute must: Then we can help you make it a reality! Here's where to begin.

Starting Steps

Begin with the basics! Find some excellent kitchen inspo online or from houses that you love, and make plans for your own kitchen remodel. This is the time to form clear ideas about what you want. Are there particular colors or accents you want in your new kitchen? Is there a particularly important goal, like an open kitchen or the perfect cabinets? Note your priorities and you'll have a place to begin! If you aren't sure where to start, try visiting model kitchens to get some inspiration.

Islands, Peninsulas, and More

Full kitchen plans start by considering your layout. How do you want to move around the kitchen? Where do you want key points like the oven range, sink, or a seating area? Traditional kitchen ideas includes several very common layouts, including "U" and "L" shaped kitchens with pleasantly open layouts. There are also Island kitchens with a block in the middle for seating, storage, or other dedicated tasks, as well as Peninsula designs where the seating area is connected to the kitchen as a whole.

It can be helpful to make some sketches, carefully measure your kitchen space, and even use virtual kitchen tools to help find the right layout for you. Later in the process, a designer can help you make more detailed plans about how layout changes will work.

Choosing Cabinets

Many traditional kitchen remodel ideas include rethinking your cabinets. Fortunately, there are many different cabinet designs and you have all kinds of options. Nearly any kind of wood tone can work for cabinets in the kitchen, including dark woods that can be offset by brighter walls and counters. Glass cabinets are an option in specific places for showing off décor as well! Others may prefer to paint their cabinets to add more color to the room or follow a color scheme that carries over to the rest of the house. Stripping and refinishing cabinets is a popular choice for all kinds of kitchen makeovers, or you can choose new designer cabinets with all the features and space you want.

Whatever you decide, we do recommend a durable finish, as kitchen cabinets see a lot of use over time. The kitchen cabinets design layout should also address issues like easy access, handles that match your other kitchen accents, and any important childproofing measures.


Much like cabinets, you have a host of countertop options to explore. In general, popular counters are easy to clean, pair well with cabinets, and aren't too "busy" but rather offer a clean appearance that makes it easy to spot any dirt. Tiles of all kinds are popular, including ceramic, granite, and quartz marble is also an option but can stain more easily. Slab countertops are a beautiful, albeit more expensive, option that requires professional installation. Butcher block, concrete, and stainless steel counters are also becoming more common, so there are many ways to get creative!

When thinking about counters, plan out your backsplash as well, whether you want it to be the same material or offer a different look. Backsplashes should pair well with both cabinets and counters.

Dream Kitchen Designs for Flooring

Does your kitchen deserve a flooring upgrade? Tile floors offer many beautiful natural stone options and are easy to clean, while vinyl floors come in many design options and are an easy way to save money – it's no wonder these are the two common choices. Sometimes wood flooring can also help create a warm, inviting kitchen, but it's important to avoid the possibility of water damage.

Always talk with a designer or remodeler about your flooring plans. Sometimes subflooring changes need to be made when switching to a new floor material.

Finding a Sink You Love

The sink is a core part of your kitchen: Is this fixture everything you want it to be? Would you prefer a larger sink, an extra basin, a built-in soap station, or a faucet that does a little more? Maybe it's time for a garbage disposal, or a smarter faucet with touch controls? If you're interested, start looking at new sink models to find what you like.

The Right Lighting

Lighting should always be present over where people in the kitchen are working or eating. Both hanging pendant lighting and recessed floodlights are popular for this reason. New pendant lighting may be an important part of your remodel if you are changing your kitchen layout! Also consider adding under-counter lighting for extra visibility if that's something you'd appreciate.

Working with a Remodel Expert

Whether you are planning a total overhaul for your kitchen or looking for a new home that gets the kitchen just right, you need a remodeler that can help you make the right decisions and complete the project in a way that works for you. Lancia Homes is happy to work with you from design to the final steps: If you are planning your dream kitchen on a new home, we'll help you get it just right! We also offer virtual meetings and online resources you can use when making your decisions.