Top Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home


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If you're about to put your house on the market for the first time in decades, you might have noticed that things have changed a fair amount since the last time that your house was one of the homes for sale in Allen County, IN. The days of bigger being better and having larger families are long gone, as today's home buyers would rather have a smaller-sized home that offers more privacy.

But even though mindsets have changed, there are still plenty of ways that you can add value to your house. Before you list your single-family home for sale in Allen County, IN, it's a good idea to try to make a few of these upgrades to your house to get the best price for it when you make the sale!

Renovate the Kitchen

Size might not be what matters to millennials, but a quality kitchen certainly does. Even a small update, such as new cabinets or the installation of granite countertops, can go a long way toward enticing a buyer to consider your home for their new residence. Today's homebuyer usually likes to cook and wants to have a quality kitchen that makes it easier for them to eat at home, and improving the look and feel of the kitchen makes it much easier for buyers to picture themselves cooking there.

Add Landscaping

Landscaping isn't just a good way to add value to your home. It's also a great way to help reduce your current bills and improve our environment. For example, did you know that planting a tree that shades your air conditioner can reduce the energy that your HVAC needs to produce by roughly 20 percent? Not only that, but trees are aesthetically pleasing, never die of old age and clean the air we breathe. One tree can remove 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air on its own, making it a welcome addition to any home, regardless of whether your house is one of the homes for sale in Allen County, IN, or not!

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Deep Clean Your Home

It's amazing that people forget to clean their homes before showing it to prospective buyers, but some owners make it clear that the house still belongs to someone else. A good deep cleaning done by a reputable company can make the home look spotless and allow the buyers to visualize themselves living there. Remember, selling a home has a lot to do with whether the buyers can picture themselves there, and it's hard to do that with someone else's books on the table.

Break Out the Paint

Neutral colors, like taupe or light gray, can allow more light into your home and make it feel more welcoming. The goal of painting your walls is to make sure they blend in rather than stand out because you don't really want buyers thinking about your walls. Walls can always be repainted, but an electric green wall can really make it hard for buyers to consider everything about your house.

When you're selling a home, a few small touches here and there can make all the difference in the world and convince buyers to put in an offer on your residence. If it's time for you to find a different place to call home, contact Lancia Homes to discuss putting your single-family home for sale in Allen County, IN. We can help you put the best of your house forward so you can make the best possible deal!