Top Reasons Why You Should Build a Custom Home


There are millions of reasons you might choose to have a custom home built, but the highest on the list is always going to be personalization. Your made-just-for-you-home will have the number of rooms you want, in the size you want, and structured in a way that’s most convenient for you. Do you want the kids’ rooms close to the owner suite bedroom? Would you prefer more distance? Do you want a finished basement or a sizable attic? Multiple bathrooms? All these things get decided before your dream home is built, ensuring your home dreams really will come true.

Customization, however ideal, isn’t the only reason people prefer new builds over existing structures, though. Here are a few other motives:

Cost Control

While you might assume having a home built from scratch is more expensive, that’s only true when you don’t make economical design choices. The cost of a new home—when comparing required or preferred updates to an existing one—isn’t as expensive as you might think. You choose the building materials and internal fixtures, so you have a lot more control over how much the final price tag is. You can also leverage existing relationships between construction companies and building suppliers to get the best discounts.


Another fee-inflator when buying an existing home is continued maintenance costs. There will be upgrades you want and updates you need when it comes to a real estate purchase. When you work with a new-home builder, all the components are new. Maintenance isn’t going to be required for a long time. A hundred-year-old house might seem like a sweet-dollar deal, but making it livable and bringing it up to recommended safety standards will likely double the purchase price.


Most reputable companies offer a warranty on their services, so if something breaks within that designated time, fixing it’ll come at no additional cost to you. It’s a layer of protection you aren’t offered when buying an existing home. Faulty HVAC systems, old electrical wiring, septic system issues, and drafty windows aren’t a concern when you opt for a new-home builder for your dream home.

Newly constructed home


When you buy a piece of real estate, you’ll work with a real estate agent, broker, and bank, etc. While you’ll learn a lot about financing and the transactional side of the purchase, you won’t learn much about maintaining your new residence or what’s happening in the back-end. When you hire affordable homebuilders, you’re included in the whole construction process from start to finish. You’ll help make all the important decisions, which will teach you about what to look for to keep everything running as good as new. You’ll know where your sewer line runs. You’ll know where the breaker box is and what switches run what rooms. You’ll know what type of plumbing system is installed and how it should function. Knowing all these things makes it easier when it eventually comes time to have them serviced. You’ll have a benchmark for functionality because you were around at the peak of efficiency.

While personalization is still the number one driving reason people choose new build construction, it definitely isn’t the only thing. Call Lancia Homes today if you’re ready to get started. Our new-home builders in Fort Wayne, IN, know just what it takes you help you make your home dreams a reality.