Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Custom Home Design Over a Stock Floor Plan



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Building a home is probably one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make. You’ll have your own space, raise a family and make memories. And to make the housing dream a reality, you can either go with a custom home design or a stock floor plan.

In this post, we’ll look at the main benefits of customized floor plans. Let’s get started.


  1. Tailor-Made Layout


A custom design allows you to decide everything from the number of bathrooms and bedrooms to the minute details such as the door knobs. Also, if you desire unique amenities such as a home cinema, you’re only limited by your imagination. Even better, you have the room to change your mind before the design is finalized and construction begins.


The land you decide to build on also impacts your house design. When using a stock floor plan, this can be a challenge because you must make adjustments. On the flip side, a custom design considers the slope of your lot and ensures your home is oriented correctly to maximize views. Again, the living and sleeping areas are designed to utilize sunlight and wind. It also needs to be protected from their effects in different seasons.


  1. A Home That Mirrors Your Lifestyle


A custom floor plan allows you to build a home that reflects your unique personality and style. For instance, if you like to throw parties, some of your needs may include more pantry space, a bigger-than-normal kitchen, and an open floor plan because it encourages visitors to interact freely.


Likewise, a custom design considers the stage of life you’re in. For example, if you have teenagers, your space needs will differ from those of an individual with little children. To explain, homes with open floor plans are the best option for toddlers because they allow easy supervision. Young adults, on the other hand, desire privacy.


  1. Evergreen Glamor


If you think about it, a house isn’t just a structure, and it’s also a work of art with the potential to leave a mark on everyone who sees it. A custom floor plan can stand the test of time which is critical if you decide to sell in the future.


Equally important, with an individualized design, you can plan for potential expansion or contraction depending on the prevailing circumstances. In other words, you can take measures to ensure the home serves you in the future, such as a self-sustaining space for an aged parent or a room you can rent out for extra income.


  1. A Smooth Build


Stock floor plans are designed for general use and don’t have any particular person in mind. That means this design doesn’t consider the nature of the land you want to build on or your lifestyle. For this reason, you may have to do modifications that can further complicate the project.


In contrast, with a custom design, there’s nothing to copy or modify. This is because all the input comes from the client, eliminating doubts or confusion among the builders. The result? A smooth and seamless build process.


  1. Controlled Expenditure


It’s common for people to go over their budget when building houses. The good news, a custom plan can help prevent your construction costs from spiraling out of control. A competent designer intimately understands your housing needs and should therefore be able to provide a cost estimate for each project phase to ensure you’re within your allotted budget.


Additionally, custom floor plans are drawn up precisely to specifications. As a result, the builder and the subcontractors receive identical copies, reducing the likelihood of expensive rebuilds and delays.


What’s Stopping You?


A custom floor plan is more than a set of drawings. It’s the result of a process involving an architect figuring out how you will use the house, understanding your site, and eventually creating a design that mirrors your lifestyle.


So, if you hate the idea of cookie cutter homes, choosing a custom design over a stock floor plan allows you to build a house that reflects your personality and interests.


And you know what?


At Lancia Homes, we design custom homes. We know that it’s hard to make your dream a reality. Contact us to learn more about the process of building your custom house.