Top 10 Best Neutral Paint Colors

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When it comes to redesigning and personalizing your home, you have several options for adding style and personality. You can purchase a statement piece of art or invest in a new furniture set, but one of the fastest and most transformative ways to breathe life into your home's interior is to coat your walls in a new fresh coat (or two) of paint. 

Paint is relatively inexpensive and easy to change, so it's a popular way for homeowners to make a house feel updated, rejuvenated, or made their own. After all, the color on your walls serves as a canvas for decoration and creation and establishes the room's ambiance.

With so many possible paint colors to choose from, it can be challenging to decide. But if you're looking to maximize your decor options or prepare your house for a sale, you will likely want to choose a neutral hue that can make your rooms feel larger and more relaxing. That said, neutral options like whites, grays, and beiges come in warmer and cooler tones with various undertones. The choices can be overwhelming, which is why we’re here to help you narrow them down. Below, we’ll reveal our picks for the top 10 best neutral paint colors.

Why Go Neutral?

Even though blues, greens, warm pinks, and terracottas are on-trend paint choices for 2022, good neutral color is a timeless classic. You can very easily build off beige paint colors, dark gray paint, and neutral grays. Neutrals also help create a more serene atmosphere in your home because neutral colors evoke feelings of calm and relaxation and are easy on your eyes.


The Top 10 Best Neutral Paint Colors

Choosing a neutral paint color is actually pretty complex. The magic in neutral paint colors happens in each shade’s undertone, creating many options within a neutral color palette. These are the colors we think are the 10 best choices for your home.

Beige Paint Colors

Our favorite shades of paint in the beige paint color family are:

  • Accessible BeigeAccessible Beige by Sherwin Williams is one of the best beige paint colors because, as the name implies, it’s accessible! This shade goes with every room and décor style and adds a touch of warmth. It’s a lighter tone that has a hint of gray in it.
  • Mocha Foam: Mocha Foam by Behr is the perfect darker beige tone. It provides more depth and gives an extra pop of color while still remaining neutral.
  • Joa’s WhiteJoa’s White by Farrow & Ball has red undertones, adding a touch of luxury to this classic neutral color.
  • SnowboundSnowbound by Sherwin Williams is the best choice for off-white paint. It’s a unique shade of white because it doesn’t have any yellow or blue undertones like most classic whites do.

Neutral Gray Paint Colors

Our top picks in the dark gray paint colors are:

  • Smoke EmbersSmoke Embers by Sherwin Williams is a gorgeous, subtle, and light neutral gray color. It creates warmth and makes any room more inviting.
  • SterlingSterling by Benjamin Moore is a classic, go-to gray with cool undertones. The undertones allow it to pair well with countless other styles and colors.
  • Marilyn’s DressMarilyn’s Dress by Benjamin Moore is a delicate and pale neutral gray that creates a sophisticated canvas for any room.

Dark Gray Paint Colors

The best options for going darker in the gray family are these dark gray paint colors:

  • PeppercornPeppercorn by Sherwin Williams is a classic dark gray paint color with warm undertones. It can be used for an accent wall or on every wall to add depth and character to any room.
  • DownpipeDownpipe by Farrow & Ball adds a dramatic and bold touch to your home. It’s a great choice to use as an accent wall to showcase your artwork.
  • Elephant SkinElephant Skin by Behr is a beautiful gray tone that’s dark but not too dark. It’s the perfect compromise if you want to ease into darker colors without going too dark.

With the endless possibilities that exist on the color wheel, we think that choosing a classic neutral paint color for your interior walls is the way to go. Neutral colors have a wider range than most people realize and are the perfect choice for every room in your home, especially larger rooms like your living room. A neutral-color living room opens up your home more and makes your entire home feel more inviting without overwhelming your senses.

Whether you’re looking at lighter neutral grays, bolder dark gray paints, or classic beige paint colors, you can’t go wrong with any of the colors on our list. To learn more about the power of color or to talk to our team of experts, visit our Design Center on Lima Road in Fort Wayne or contact Lancia Homes today!