Smart Home Features: Enhancing Comfort and Security in Lancia Homes


As digitization becomes more commonplace, so does the need for smart homes. A smart home uses smart home technology. At its core, this technology is created to make life safer, easier, and more convenient for homeowners, their families, and guests.

Smart Home Features: Enhancing Comfort and Security in Lancia Homes

Not all homes have moved to becoming “smarter” yet. If you’re just starting to explore the landscape of smart home technology, remember there’s a lot of ground to cover. Below are some smart home features that are heating the home remodeling, home improvement, and home building industries.

  • Home Automation Systems Have you ever wished that devices could handle more of your daily tasks? Thanks to smart home automation systems, it’s time to stop wishing and start enjoying a new era. These types of systems aim to do your work for you. An excellent example of home automation systems in New Haven, OH, residences is the wireless system. A wireless system uses a home’s WiFi to connect a series of devices, allowing them to share data and information effectively. With a home automation system, you can connect applications like heating, cooling, lighting, and security cameras. After programming your preferred settings, you can sit back and let the system do all the work. It’s more than just efficient: It’s cost-effective, too. Home automation systems that work well can save you money in the long run and pay for themselves over time.
  • Advanced Home Security Features Another trend in smart homes is the inclusion of advanced home security features. They are intended to secure smart homes at a higher level than just the basics. Advanced home security features protect year-round. Essentially, they’re an added shield against everything from intruders to cyber thieves. For instance, advanced smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are far more powerful than their traditional battery-powered counterparts. Smart locks are, too. These features and devices help you take more control over the way you secure your home. The smart home tech sector is poised to equip some home security solutions with facial recognition and other advanced attributes.
  • Smart Appliances Can you have a smarter oven? Refrigerator? Toilet? You bet. Appliance manufacturers around the globe are experimenting with ways to bump up the smart capacity in plenty of appliances. Though you might not have considered how smart appliances can benefit your life, you should consider some of the biggest advantages of investing in smart appliance technologies. Say you’re trying to determine if you want an electric or gas oven. Fair enough. Both have their pros and cons. Just remember that whichever type you choose, you can go a step further and add a smart element. Both electric and gas ovens and stovetops can be equipped with voice control. You won’t have to touch anything to cook, which can be appealing if you like the idea of a hands-free experience in the kitchen.
  • Smart Cleaning Systems Remember when the robotic Roomba vacuum first arrived on the scene? It was treated with a combination of curiosity and hesitation. Today, more homeowners see this type of smart technology as a great way to sanitize and tidy their secure smart homes without lifting a finger. Smart cleaning systems aren’t limited to robotic vacuum systems, however. There are smart washers, dryers, and dishwashers as well. Typically, these cleaning units can use predictive and other technologies. For example, a smart washing machine can send you alerts on your phone so you know when your laundry is finished or when the unit requires maintenance.
  • Smart Voice Assistants Lots of families have invested in smart voice assistants. Voice assistants work by understanding oral prompts. Individuals can make a wide range of requests through a voice assistant device, including ordering groceries for immediate delivery. Many people predict that smart voice assistants will become even more essential in a few years. By and large, their language processing is gaining momentum. And with the Internet of Things (IoT) taking off, there’s no telling how integrated smart voice assistants will become within our daily lives.

If you like the idea of incorporating smart home technology into your residential property, give us a call. The team at Lancia Homes is well-versed in the newest smart home devices. We can show you a smarter way to enjoy your dream home.