Single-Family Home: What It Actually Is


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When looking at homes for sale in Dekalb County, IN, most people consider single-family homes. However, they might not know what constitutes a single-family home. There are specific characteristics that define a single-family home. There are also some key benefits to these types of homes. Read on to learn more.

Single-Family Home

A single-family home is a freestanding structure, and it's used as a single dwelling. This means it doesn't have multiple units with numerous living spaces. It's simply a single, solitary building. The walls of a single-family home aren't shared. This is part of what helps demonstrate that it is a freestanding structure. It’s not a townhouse or apartment. A duplex shares at least one wall. Apartments can share multiple walls. A single-family home doesn't share any wall with any other structure.


With single-family homes, you get one full kitchen. Sometimes single-family homes come with a guest or mother-in-law suite that has a kitchenette. But kitchenettes aren’t full kitchens, so the suite is still considered to be part of the house.


When you purchase a single-family home, you also purchase the land it sits on. Whatever size the lot is, you get all of it. The front yard, backyard, and side yards are all yours. This means you can have a pool or gazebo added to your backyard if you like, or you can transform the carport into a garage!


Apartments, condominiums, and other multi-family dwellings have shared sidewalks and access areas that lead to the street. With a single-family home, your access areas are entirely your own. You have your own access to the street. It isn't shared.


This is one of the biggest selling points for single-family homes. People quickly get tired of hearing their neighbors. Having no shared walls and a yard, you aren't directly next to or living on top of your neighbors. Obviously, this allows you significantly more privacy. With your yard, you could even have a privacy fence to add a bit more.


Perhaps the biggest perk to owning your own single-family home is the ability to expand, modify, and update the structure. You can enclose the garage to create a guest room, add on a storage shed, build a deck, or any of a thousand other expansions. You can be as creative as you like. After all, it's your home! Although, you may want to consider your boundary lines. Your neighbors probably don't want you ruining their driveway.

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One thing apartments and townhouses always seem to lack is enough storage space. Fortunately, this is a known issue, so it's something single-family homes tend to address. Pantries, walk-in closets, storage sheds, and spacious garages are all fairly common. Attics or basements provide you with a bit of extra storage. Laundry rooms have their own storage space as well!


With a single-family home, you can paint, have solar panels installed, or alter your landscaping. With apartments, condominiums, and townhouses, there are severe limitations. Owning a single-family home gives you much more freedom to craft the exterior of your home as you like it.

Single-family homes for sale in Dekalb County, IN, offer all of this and more. Contact Lancia Homes at (260) 489-4433 if you'd like to discover what's available in your area.