Should You Combine a Laundry Room and Mudroom?

Laundry Room and Mudroom


If you have limited space or want to make better use of the rooms and spaces within your home, you might have considered combining your laundry and mudroom. Here, we look at the benefits and downsides and provide suggestions to make the combination work for you.


The Benefits of Combining Your Laundry Room and Mudroom

Here are some benefits of combining these spaces in your home.

  • Increased efficiency: Having a laundry room mudroom combo can streamline the process of getting dirty items from the mudroom to the laundry room for cleaning, saving time and reducing mess in the rest of your home.
  • Space Saving: Having both rooms in one place can save space if done correctly, especially if your separate mudroom or laundry room is small.
  • Improved organization: Having the laundry room and mudroom together means you can easily organize your cleaning supplies, laundry detergents, and other items in one location.


The Downsides of Combining Rooms

Of course, there are also some possible drawbacks to consider too.

  • Increased noise: A combined space may be noisier, as the washing machine and dryer can be heard from the mudroom alongside the noise of your family members getting ready to leave or returning home.
  • Decreased privacy: Combining the spaces may reduce privacy in your laundry room. One example is if your children’s friends or guests pass through while you’re doing laundry. If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of others seeing your more personal items of clothing/underwear, it could be a problem.
  • More people: The combined space may become congested as people and pets enter the home and pass through to the laundry room.
  • Clutter: Combining two functional spaces can lead to clutter, as items from both rooms may end up jumbled together.
  • Moisture: A washing machine and mudroom can result in increased moisture levels, leading to mold and mildew growth if not properly managed.


Ways To Make It Work.

Combining a laundry room and mudroom depends on your and your household’s specific needs and preferences. If you’ve considered the benefits and drawbacks and believe combining the spaces is a good solution for your home, here are some laundry mudroom ideas to make it work.

  • Built-in cabinets: Consider installing separate cabinets for mudroom and laundry supplies to provide sufficient storage for laundry products, cleaning products, and mudroom essentials such as shoes and jackets to be stored separately.
  • Laundry sink: A laundry sink is a valuable addition to the mudroom, allowing you to rinse off dirty items before washing them.
  • Counter space: Adding a countertop to the laundry area can provide a convenient workspace for folding clothes and other tasks. Somewhere away from the dirtier parts of the room is ideal, as you don’t want clean clothes to get dirty again.
  • Hooks and hangers: Install hooks and hangers in the mudroom to hang jackets, bags, and other items. This can help keep the area organized and reduces clutter.
  • Use Shelving: Consider using open shelving to store laundry baskets and other items in the laundry room.
  • Drying racks: Incorporating drying racks into your design can be a great way to make the most of the available space and reduces some of the damp issues.
  • Buy a dehumidifier: This is another way to eliminate the extra moisture caused by combining the rooms.
  • Natural lighting: If possible, incorporate natural light into the space through windows or skylights to make the combined mudroom laundry room look bright and inviting.
  • Decorative tiles: Using decorative tiles for the floor or backsplash can add a touch of style to the functional space.

To summarize, organization is the key to a successfully combined laundry room and mudroom. Be sure to plan out the space to ensure that everything has its designated place, making it easier to keep the area tidy and efficient.

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