Should I Put Cabinets in My Laundry Room?

Should I Put Cabinets in My Laundry Room? | Lancia Homes

Laundry rooms often serve as multi-functional spaces where we tackle one of life's never-ending tasks: laundry. Laundry rooms become cluttered regularly with dirty clothes, detergents, ironing boards, and many more products. And keeping this area organized and efficient is a tough challenge, especially if you lack adequate storage options. That's where cabinets come in. 

Installing cabinets in your laundry room can revolutionize how you approach laundry and transform the space into a functional and organized oasis. Let’s check out the benefits of adding cabinets to your laundry room and why it's worth considering.

Why Should You Put Cabinets in The Laundry Room?

Cabinets can drastically transform your laundry room and help eliminate clutter. They add much-needed functionality along with an interesting visual appeal. Cabinets offer several benefits, including:

  1. Maximizing Storage: Have you ever heard anyone complain about having too much storage? Probably not, because more storage is always welcomed, especially in smaller rooms. Cabinets can help you maximize your existing storage space. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets make use of the often overlooked space below the ceiling.  The over-washer and dryer storage unit is a convenient solution for maximizing space in your laundry room, allowing you to store detergent, fabric softener, and other essentials within easy reach.
  2. Improved Organization: One of the biggest advantages of putting cabinets in your laundry room is the improved organization of the items in your laundry room. An organized laundry room ensures you get everything you need easier and faster. Floor-to-floor cabinets provide storage for brooms, drying racks, and ironing boards. Over-counter cabinets accommodate laundry products and folded stacks. You can store an ironing board between the washer and dryer shelf, making it easily accessible. While at it, you can also consider combining a laundry room and a mudroom to improve organization.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Adding cabinets in your laundry room enhances the room's visual appeal. You can even customize the cabinets to fit your unique aesthetic. And when the laundry room is visually appealing, it positively affects your work experience and productivity. You can choose contemporary, streamlined, or matching floor plan cabinets that give a modern edge to your home. Some popular choices for cabinet doors are wood veneer, hardwood, and laminate. 
  4. Childproofs Products: Laundry rooms usually contain products like bleach and other chemical compounds that are rather dangerous, especially for children and pets. The products cause severe harm if ingested or spilled.  Cabinets allow you to store all those dangerous products where children can't reach them. A cabinet between the washer and dryer shelf is a great place to store hazardous chemicals like bleach, ensuring safety for your children and pets.
  5. Increased Property Value: Investing in cabinets for your laundry room can also have long-term benefits regarding property value. When considering a home, potential buyers often look for functional and well-organized laundry areas. Having cabinets in place showcases your attention to detail and adds value to your property. A thoughtfully designed laundry room can make a lasting impression on potential buyers and set your home apart.
  6. Laundry Room Cabinet Ideas: Cabinets polish your laundry room, making it less like a chore. Following smart design ideas make your laundry room more functional and appealing. Here are some cabinet ideas you can implement:
  • Install Tall Cabinets for Cleaning Supplies: If you have a long laundry room, consider installing a few tall cabinets into your laundry room layout. This floor-to-ceiling cabinetry modernizes your laundry room and offers much storage space. It makes everything look sleek and coherent.
  • Make It Fun: Your laundry room doesn't need to be dull and depressing. Painting it with fun colors and unique layouts adds a splash of joy to your laundry routine.
  • Cabinets for Small Rooms: Not everyone has a lot of space for a full-fledged laundry room. But that doesn't mean you must sacrifice storage and work in a cramped space. Getting cabinets with shaker-style panels helps bend the work-through space within the house while offering much-needed space. You can add a tension rod to create a hanger in the middle.
  • White Laundry Cabinets: White laundry room cabinets give your laundry room a sleek and minimal look. It helps enhance the details of the room and creates visual interest. They work with minimal designs and help balance out loud designs of the room, making everything look coherent.

Final Words

Transform your messy laundry room into an organized haven with Lancia Homes. Contact us today for expert assistance with a functional and clutter-free space you'll adore!