New Rules for Buying & Selling Real Estate during COVID-19


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Everyone has had to make adjustments as the result of COVID-19, including homebuilding contractors in Fort Wayne, IN. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many people have still been looking for their dream house, and builders and real estate agents have made some changes to ensure the health and well-being of everyone involved. If you’re thinking about contacting your local homebuilder to schedule a tour, here are a few things you should know about recent changes to buying and selling homes this year.

Promise of Health

The real estate market took a tumble in March 2020 as stay-at-home orders took center stage. Although modern real estate activities came to a halt, the extra time spent at home gave many prospective buyers the chance to explore their dream home lists and start planning to move forward with the biggest purchase of their lives. Now, business is starting to pick up as people venture outside and begin exploring their options. Every area may be slightly different depending on local government restrictions, real estate and homebuilder guidelines, and individual levels of comfort and safety. That being said, homebuilders have recognized the need for reassurance and are going out of their way to publicize safety standards on-site and at open houses. This often starts with hand sanitizer. Everyone is expected to sanitize their hands before, after, and perhaps even during an open house.

Spaced Out Showings and Closings

It used to be that multiple families could look at open house showings at one time. Now that COVID-19 has highlighted the need for social distancing and essentially staying away from others, space is more important than ever before in real estate activities and transactions. Buyers and sellers alike expect to maintain a safe distance from others, whether they’re touring a model home or sitting down to the sign on the dotted line and close on their dream home. Masks, gloves, and even slip-on booties have quickly become the norm for viewing real estate, and some experts in the field believe these changes will last even after the worst of the pandemic is over. It’s all about staying healthy and safe, and no one wants to take the risk or put others in danger.

Planning Ahead

A year ago, a lot of people took advantage of flexibility and freedom, stopping in to see houses for sale when it suited them. That’s become a whole lot more difficult now, simply because there are limits to how many people can be in one space at a time. This means real estate agents and building companies need to have an idea of who is coming and when they will arrive. Appointments are now a necessity for everyone involved. Buyers can have peace of mind knowing that they will be one of the only groups seeing the property at the time, while realtors and builders also know they’re doing their part to keep people safe and protect the community as much as possible. In addition to appointments, some companies also have new check-in systems and waivers to sign before touring a property. Many companies have opted for disclosure statements where everyone must agree that they haven’t exhibited any symptoms or been knowingly exposed to the virus recently.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s still possible to start the process of securing a custom-made masterpiece home. Contact Lancia Homes today for the expert services of the most affordable homebuilder in Fort Wayne, IN.