Most Common Inspection Problems Found in New Homes


Buying a new home is a thrilling process. Well, the idea of buying a new home is a thrilling process. Once you start the process, you realize how many hoops you must jump through. And once you make it through all these hoops, you have one final step, the home inspection.

Most Common Inspection Problems Found in New Homes

home inspection is a hugely consequential part of the home buying process. During this, you will either wind up spending more money than you thought you would or negotiating with the seller to get things fixed. 

Unfortunately, sometimes issues come out of nowhere. However, if you have an idea of some of the most common issues found during the inspection process, you will have a leg up in the process.

HVAC inspection

HVAC systems get used a lot and are susceptible to wear and tear. In fact, your HVAC unit will wind up using half of the energy of your entire home.

Because it is used so often, it typically needs to be serviced more than any other part of your home. That means that if the HVAC system hasn’t been serviced in a while, it might fail an inspection. Even in a new home, you want to make sure everything is installed correctly. Most home inspectors check HVAC systems, but it never hurts to double-check.

Water issues

Water damage can be a big deal. Not only can it lead to a ton of problems that cost a lot of money, but water damage can be hard to spot. 

The first area inspectors will consider when looking for water damage is your roof. Because it is exposed to harsh weather, it is much more likely to have a leak than other places around your house. You’ll want to hire a trained professional to patch the holes causing the leaks if they do come up in an inspection.

Other signs of water damage include musty odors, warped floors, and stained walls. This shouldn’t be an issue in a new home, but definitely something you will want a home inspector to look for.


Leaking roofs aren’t the only issues that may show up on your roof. Sagging roofs can point to deeper problems that have to do with the build of the house. This is a problem that can be very expensive to fix and might cause you to fail an inspection but is not as common as a leak.

House drainage system

This falls under the category of water damage, but instead of coming from the roof, it comes from the ground. In a perfect world, your front yard would gradually slope away from your home. If it doesn’t, it could lead to some serious draining issues. The foundation of the home could be unsettled or even crack. 

New homes shouldn’t have this problem, but it is worth making sure that you have a proper drainage setup. Another factor to consider is landscaping. This is something you can potentially negotiate with the homeowner if their yard is in bad shape.

Foundation issues

The ground under us is moving all the time, and so is the foundation of our home. Even a well-built home could fall victim to a poor foundation. Not only is this a common problem, but it can be very expensive. It can cause all sorts of problems, from framing issues to leaks, to jammed doors and windows.

If you are considering your dream home, but an inspection showed foundational issues, it is worth it to have your foundation fixed, however, you need to know when to walk away from foundation issues.

Wiring and electricity

A home with faulty wiring can be a very dangerous home to live in. Along with an inspection, you should hire an electrician to come in and make sure that everything checks out. 

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