Modern House Plan Designs You Will Love


Modern Design House

If you’re considering building a home, the first thing you should do is find an affordable home builder in Fort Wayne, IN. Working with a contractor up front allows you to work with professionals in designing the layout of your home. If you’re looking for additional inspiration when it comes to building a modern, custom home, keep reading. We’ll share some modern house plans that you’re sure to love. Be sure to discuss what you love about these plans with your home builder so that they can help you create your dream home!

Single-Story Modernism

Single-story homes are very popular in farmhouse architecture, but that doesn’t mean every one-story house has to have a farmhouse style. In fact, many homes with sleek, modern architecture feature a single story. Achieving a modern look is all about the lines and exterior design of the house.

If you want all the benefits of a single-story home (more efficient heating and cooling, better accessibility, and so on), talk to your contractor about how to build this home using the straight, clean lines you see in modern architecture. Flat or single-line roofs are one aspect that you’ll want to look for as opposed to a more traditional peaked roof. With the right design, you can get a beautiful single-story home that still has all the modernism you desire.

Lots of Windows

Many modern homes also feature numerous windows, helping to create an open feel and contributing to the minimalist style that’s popular in modern architecture. When designing your home, consider where you can feasibly place expansive windows to create a beautiful look both inside and out. Some home designs even include rooms with exterior glass walls from floor to ceiling. Remote-controlled curtains can give you privacy when you need it while filling the room with sunshine and giving you gorgeous views when you open them up.

Geometric Exterior Features

Modern architecture is focused on sharp, clean lines that create geometric shapes. This is why you’ll frequently see modern flat-topped homes, which create an even, square look. If you’re designing a modern home, consider how you can add geometric features to your home’s exterior. This might include rectangular trimming to accent a balcony or even geometrically shaped planters below the windows. Rectangular, unadorned columns can also add to the geometric design of a modern home. Just make sure you don’t overdo it when adding such exterior features; above all, modern design is about keeping things simple.

Exterior Colors

The exterior colors on a modern home are usually crisp and clean without being too ostentatious. Black, white, and shades of gray are popular, and you’ll frequently see these colors combined to create an interesting contrast. While the occasional pop of color on an accenting feature is common, you don’t want to overdo it with bright paint colors. Again, modernism and minimalism go hand in hand when it comes to home design.

If you want to build a custom modern home, you should be working with the best home contractor in Fort Wayne, IN. Contact Lancia Homes today and let us know what you have in mind for your home’s design. We’ll help you create and build the perfect home from the initial planning phases to the finishing touches. Call and speak to one of our experienced contractors and designers today!