The Latest Trends in Home Design: Insights from Lancia Homes


Every few years, modern home design trends change. Though some of the changes are subtle, others are more pronounced. As a homeowner, renovator, or buyer, you’ll want to keep up with the latest excitement in homebuilding. That way, you can get inspiration from popular interior design ideas and home layout concepts like the most contemporary house styles in Fort Wayne, IN, that are gaining attention.

The Latest Trends in Home Design: Insights from Lancia Homes

What’s happening that’s revitalizing the market? Five major new-home characteristics are becoming increasingly relevant.

  • The Rise of the “Smart Home Homes are doing likewise as society moves deeper into everyday digitization and automation. It’s not unusual for families to have “smart” assistants to do everything from playing music to ordering groceries. Increasingly, homeowners are opting to create home spaces where many of their commonly used devices operate synchronously and efficiently. For instance, a so-called “smart home” may include integrated lights, security systems, and HVAC units. The equipment “communicates” digitally, ensuring everything works together to produce a comfortable, secure environment. Another type of “smart home” attribute is a home that features smart appliances like refrigerators designed to monitor food freshness or showers equipped with voice control.
  • A Continuation of Openness Open-concept floor plans aren’t a new phenomenon in the housing market, but they’re moving into a need-to-have category. Younger home buyers are especially interested in having more openness. Kitchens often get bigger and spill into broader social gathering areas. The open-home trend isn’t limited to kitchens or inside spaces, though. Many families want to create a fluid feel between the interior and exterior areas. They’re using innovative four-season rooms and patio elements to extend their living spaces into their yards to achieve this goal.
  • A Need for Home Offices For many working adults, having a home office is necessary. Home office spaces don’t need to be enormous, but they need to be dedicated. Even a well-arranged small home office can meet at-home workers’ objectives beautifully. In some cases, at least two family members require home office spaces. Consequently, working with a custom builder who can provide this unique option is a good choice. Custom builders can use high-powered software to digitally “move” one or more office spaces throughout a design. This allows homeowners to consider the best location for them to work.
  • Neutrals Giving Way to Splashes of Color Gone are the days of new home decor trends that limited color palettes to neutrals such as brown, tan, black, white, and cream. Homeowners are increasingly adding splashes of brighter colors throughout their homes. Indeed, they’re still turning to neutrals for most of their room, hallway, and other space colors. But they’re using color judiciously to add personality, pop, and distinctiveness to their home spaces. Where is color giving homes a boost? Front doors are trending toward bold hues. Window and door frames are, too. Plus, some homeowners are taking color to the next level by choosing intense roof tile colors. Inside homes around Fort Wayne, IN, deep blues, dark reds, and coral shades appear in kitchens. And bedrooms are moving from traditional cozier tones to lighter pinks, blues, and greens.
  • Stylish Upgrades to Master Closet Spaces The master bedroom closet is having its moment these days. Gone are the days when couples and families were willing to put up with tiny closets. Now, they want full rooms to store clothes, accessories, shoes, and other items. In time, the master closet is slowly morphing into more of a dressing room and lounge area. As such, some homeowners are outfitting their master closets with more than just storage racks and well-considered lighting. They include islands with running water and coffee makers, comfy chairs for resting, and drawers to protect jewelry. It’s the beginning of a fun era for the master closet, leading to closet upgrades in other rooms, such as bathrooms, kids’ bedrooms, and garages.

If you’re trying to freshen up your existing home, you’ll want to keep these five trends in mind. On the other hand, if you’re ready to create a home space built to your exact lifestyle and preferences, give a custom builder a home. At Lancia Homes, we always enjoy helping clients bring their dream homes to life.