Interior Design Trends to Include in Your New Home


County chic decor

New home construction continues to boom this year with plenty of people recognizing the countless benefits of moving into a custom-built property that’s modern and made to last. With some fantastic single- and multifamily homes for sale in Fort Wayne, IN, now is the time to be thinking about design ideas and some great ways to dress up your new home. After all, the more prepared you are to design and decorate your home, the more fun you will have once you move in. Here are a few of the top interior design trends for this year that you should keep in mind for your nice new home.

Countryside Chic

A cozy and comfortable home can be achieved by sticking with the country chic trend that’s sweeping across the interior design industry. Many of the homes for sale that you may see will showcase this fun farmhouse style. There’s a mix of antique patterns with whimsical décor as well as botanicals and muted primary colors. Homemade signs, chalkboards, and outdoor-inspired fireplaces are just a few of the country chic style elements to get excited about.

Bold Lighting Features<

Something else you may see in homes for sale is lovely lighting fixtures. Chandeliers, lamps, and every lighting fixture in between gets the job done while also showcasing a sophisticated sense of style. While table and floor lamps are still in, statement ceiling fixtures are on the rise too. There’s no lighting fixture too big or too bold for interior design in 2020, so it’s all about which accent pieces you find attractive and what lighting you could realistically see yourself living with for a long time to come.

Pretty Patterns

It wouldn’t be a list of interior design trends without talking about patterns. Today’s top design elements incorporate fun and playful patterns that add a sense of depth and dimension to many homes. If you’re hiring a custom home builder, and you want to put your personal touch on your bedroom, for example, then adding a statement wall with a beautiful pattern is one way to do so. Patterned rugs and tabletop features are just a few of the high-quality products that can elevate your interior design to the next level.

Patterned rug in living room

Confident Colors

While it’s unlikely that neutrals will ever go completely out of style, it’s safe to say that bright bursts of color are really trending this year. Interior designers are labeling saturated hues, such as mustard yellow or forest green, as go-to shades for this year. Warm colors and jewel tones are also high on the list of in-demand colors. What’s so great about this trend is that it all depends on how creative and colorful you want to be. You can take on this trend slowly but surely with small pops of color, or you can go all-in with bold paint colors on every wall.

Are you feeling inspired by these trends and ready to turn these ideas into a reality? You’re in luck as Lancia Homes has single-family homes for sale in Fort Wayne, IN, where you can try out these trends for yourself. Get in touch today to get started on finding and designing your dream home.