How to Make a Room Look Bigger

How to Make a Room Look Bigger


If you want to make a room in your house look bigger without having to do a big remodel or spending a lot of money, there are several design ideas and tips that will help provide a more spacious feel in your living spaces. Specific paint colors and added furniture pieces can bring depth into a small room making it look bigger.

What Colors Make a Room Look Bigger?

Contrasting light and dark colors will create an illusion of a larger space. Medium shades will make a room look smaller than it is. However, using bright white and dark shades will open up a room and emphasize your space. To achieve this, paint an accent wall that isn't too overpowering while adding decorative color.

Do light colors make a room look bigger, too? Yes! White is going to be a good option to add light, airy elements with its many shades. Consider that softer tones with off-whites, blues, and greens as brighter rooms are colors that make a room look bigger and more inviting. Another trick is to paint the trim and moldings a lighter color than your walls. This creates the illusion that your living room is more open and your walls are set further back.

Don’t Forget about the Furniture

You can get creative with furniture pieces in your small spaces and also utilize cross-functional pieces that create more storage as well. For example, a large sectional in a small living room is going to take up way too much space and there are several other options that will add storage and still look good. For example, chests can be used for coffee tables, sofa beds, or expandable dining room tables and are great, versatile options.

Tall and bulky furniture in a living room or bedroom not only takes up more of your small space but draws focus to that part of the room. If you do have taller pieces, putting them against the wall will avoid making the room feel scattered or disjointed.

How to Make Small Living Rooms Look Bigger

Paint colors and furniture pieces are going to help create the illusion of a bigger space, but there are other creative ways to make a small living room look bigger — or any room look bigger, for that matter.

  • Mirrors. Placing a mirror in any room is a great way to make it look larger and more open. You can angle a mirror to create more depth and position it to reflect natural light, which makes a room look brighter during the day. This is especially true if you place it near a window, bringing the natural sunlight into a room. Consider placing them on walls, using glass mirror tabletops, or a mirrored cabinet door, too.
  • Focal points. Another creative option is creating a focal point. In the kitchen, this would be your dining room table. In the bedroom, this focus would be your bed. Add minimal pieces around it and arrange the furniture so that eyes are drawn to the main draw of the room. Also don’t go overboard with your accessories, as this will add clutter to your space. Less is more.
  • Light. Take advantage of the natural light in any room. This will make it seem more open and airy, connecting the interior with the outside world. Using sheer window coverings and adding plants, lamps, or flowers nearby can further enrich the view if you don't love what's outside your windows. That said, don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the option of taking advantage of natural light. Adding light fixtures is a small addition that makes a huge difference. It's also a chance for you to add a design element that matches your aesthetic!

All in all, making the rooms in your home look bigger can be a fun, creative project. If you don’t have the option to physically add more square footage, a little paint or redecorating can do the trick. Add fun baskets to bring in color and personality, find a large picture or piece of artwork instead of several small paintings on the walls, or add floor-to-ceiling drapery to windows to bring in an airy touch.

The key? Have fun with it. It is most important to make your home feel inviting, hospitable, and a place you feel most comfortable. To learn more about redecorating your home without heavy construction, get in touch today.