Home Decor Trends to Leave in 2021

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Trends in many spaces — fashion, music, literature, and art — are constantly changing. Interior design is no exception; it has always been used to create calmness and peace, promote emotional wellbeing, and inspire both creativity and relaxation alike. It allows us to really set the tone for how our homes make us feel and reflects who we are to our guests.

The changing trends in home décor are often impacted and inspired by the state of the world around us. And because 2020 and 2021 saw massive changes in how we all live our lives and how much time we spend at home, the interior design trends of the last few years reflected that. With the new year officially in full swing, here are five trends we're leaving behind as we move into 2022.

We're Saying Goodbye to these Home Décor Trends from 2021

  • Non-functional decorations. Fake plants and design pieces that serve no purpose are on the way out. Incorporate real plants to add life and vitality to your home. The number of houseplants you can get is endless and you can find some that are pet friendly, and black thumb resistant.
  • All white. All white became popular due to the rise of the minimalist aesthetic. All white is clean, unifying, sleek, and chic, but the days of minimalism are coming to more of an end.
  • Overly busy accent walls. Cluttered accent walls are also on the way out. Accent walls can be a fun addition to your home, but they need to be balanced. Recent years saw an influx of trinkets and memorabilia décor, which can be great when used well. But they can also look cluttered and disorganized.
  • Brass and gold hardware. Gold and brass fixtures and cabinet hardware have been trending, but they can leave your home looking dated. As such, they're on the way out.
  • Open concept. The last few years saw a big rise in open concept everything, from floor plans to cabinets. But having too many shelves in your kitchen creates a cluttered look. An open concept floor plan can also create a loud environment or a sense of limited privacy.

2022 Interior Design Trends

This year's new home décor trends aren't just trendy — they're focused on energizing your space. When discussing what the latest home décor trends will be, interior designer Timothy Corrigan told Vogue, “There is more and more research that shows the direct influence that our homes have, not only on our moods but our overall health and well-being.”

That sentiment is definitely reflected in the latest home décor trends. Here’s what you can look for in 2022:

1. Sustainability

The last decade saw a rise in cheaper goods that didn’t last long and needed to be thrown away after a few years. This year, though, there is a return to sustainability. Buying antique furniture, using materials that have been ethically sourced, and being mindful of the impact your design choices have on the planet all contribute to this big home décor trend this year.

2. Earthy tones

Browns, greens, blues. Tones that bring the outside inside are on trend this year. These can be subtle or bold, but either option is reminiscent of a calming outdoor environment.

3. Curved furnishings

Furniture that is curved, whether it’s your coffee table, bookshelf, or the back of the couch, is in for 2022. The angular line of curved furniture is softening and calming.

4. Pantone's 2022 color of the year

Very Peri and its color palette will be big in 2022. You can incorporate this blue family color into your home with accent pieces of furniture or an accent wall.

5. Multifunctional spaces

The last few years showed us that we can live with less. Creating a dual-purpose room in your home is huge this year. It can be an in-home office and fitness room, adding bookshelves and lounge chairs to bedrooms, or a wine room-dining room hybrid. Creating multifunctional spaces allows you to do more with your home.

The latest home décor trends are encouraging people to think more long-term, utilize more space in their homes, and incorporate earthy and natural elements into their interior design. The great thing about the trends of 2022 is that you can incorporate all of them into your personal style.

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