Guide to Maximizing Space in Your Custom Home


Outdoor kitchen

Buying a custom home is an exciting time for any homeowner. You know you’re getting a residence that is unlike any other. It’s not easy to find the perfect home for sale in DeKalb County, IN, but once you fall in love with one, it seems like you can’t move in quickly enough. Moving your life from one home to another is always a chore, but when you’re moving into your very own custom-built house, the hassle of moving becomes a mere formality. 

If you have a growing family, you know that maximizing the space available in any home is a real challenge. It can seem like no matter how much square footage you have there’s just never enough room to accommodate the people in your life and their things in a comfortable manner. Therefore, it’s up to wise homeowners to devise and implement strategies for stretching the existing space in a custom home to its maximum capacity without creating a cluttered environment. Keep reading to learn how you can maximize your space in your new custom home.

Maximize Floor Space

One way to maximize space, at least in terms of perception, is to keep your floors clear and visible. That means making sure that everyone in the family puts things in their proper places instead of tossing them on the floor. It also involves limiting heavy furnishings when possible to create a look of spaciousness. For example, why take up valuable floor space by installing a bookcase when you can accomplish the same goal with wall-hung shelving? Make sure that anything that takes up space on your floor has a purpose.

Get (and Stay) Organized

Anyone who has the task of managing a family’s habits knows that getting everyone organized is a monumental task. Even if you’re lucky enough to guide everyone to organize their things, keeping that organization in place during the everyday hustle is even more difficult. However, staying organized is a key strategy when maximizing space in your custom home. If you’re fortunate, you may have an expanse of built-in cabinetry, racks, and shelving that can set the stage for an organized life. If not, there are many strategies you can use to create a place for everything that’s easily accessible and simple to maintain.

Take It Outside

Another great way to expand your functional square footage is to develop an outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing, and even cooking. Outdoor kitchens are all the rage, and it’s easy to convert a patio or porch into a functional cooking area where meals can be prepared in fair weather. It also gives you extra storage and an excellent spot for entertaining friends and family without feeling confined. Even if an outdoor kitchen isn’t your thing, you can create lounging space on the porch with comfortable furniture and amenities such as weatherproof AV gear. That will effectively add usable square footage to your home’s footprint.

Let the View In

Window treatments can play a big role in the feel of an interior space. They can be used to create the perception of space even in tight quarters. For example, large windows with minimal coverings will make an interior space look much larger than it is. That also allows additional light into the room, and natural light can also make a room look more open and spacious.

When searching for the perfect single-family home for sale in DeKalb County, IN, consider how you’ll make the most of the space provided. Look for built-in storage for organization, large windows, and outdoor amenities that will expand your square footage and make the home appear more open. If you’re ready to design and build your custom dream home, contact Lancia Homes at (260) 489-4433.