A Guide to Designing a Masterpiece Home


Home Layout and Blueprint

Building your own luxury home is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Not everyone gets to live in a house that is uniquely their own, so you’ll want to go through all the necessary steps to make sure it’s done right. Imagine the possibilities! Instead of moving into someone’s pre-built house, you can design precisely the luxury home you’ve always wanted, and whatever you build, it’ll all be brand new. Read on for a quick guide on how to come up with your own custom luxury home designs in Fort Wayne, IN,

Put It in Writing

You don’t have to have a degree in architecture to come up with new home plans. You don’t even have to have any special software. The best way to get started is to write it down. Sit down with your family and brainstorm ideas you want for your new home. Divide up your lot into the yard and different rooms, and then imagine the furniture and materials in the rooms. You’re just getting started, so don’t worry if you make mistakes. That’s why pencils have erasers.

Plan for the Future

If you’re going through the effort of creating the best custom home design in Fort Wayne, IN, for you and your family, you’re probably planning on living there for a long time. Think about all the possible living arrangements the future may have in store. Do you plan on having (more) children? Is it likely your parents or other family members might move in at some point? Perhaps you might be working from home in the near future. Make sure you have a room or rooms set aside to accommodate for whatever changes the future might have in store.

Think about Your Whole Property

You’ll want to maximize your custom home’s lot so that it’s as livable as possible. That means not only do you need to make plans for the bedrooms, kitchen, and other rooms, but you’ll have to consider your yard space as well. Do you want to plant a garden or provide for lawn space? Now’s the time to plan for that. If you want a swimming pool, you might have to sacrifice some home square footage. These are the kinds of choices you’ll need to make early in the process.

3D House


Now’s the time to fantasize about swimming pools, kitchen islands, and game rooms, but you’ll need to start making priorities as well. Whatever your budget is, you may not be able to have everything and every material you want, so you should decide now which options are extras and which are must-haves.

When you’re ready to move from planning to constructing your masterpiece, contact Lancia Homes. We’re experts at working with homeowners to come up with the best custom home design plans for Fort Wayne, IN.

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