Front Door Color Ideas to Choose for Your New Home


Colorful Front Door

You want to buy a single-family home for sale in Fort Wayne, IN. It has all the amenities you need, and its architecture reflects your personality, but there's one thing amiss. It doesn't feel welcoming. Don't worry! There's a simple way you can change it up.

Painting your front door is one of the easiest ways to refurbish your house's exterior. It's inexpensive; yet, it can effectively add value to your home and increase its curb appeal. Continue reading to learn some of the best colors you can apply to your entryway.

Warm Colors

Warm colors tend to make you think of things that radiate heat, like fire and sunlight. They draw viewers in.

  • Red - This powerful, emotion-evoking hue signals a hospitable home. It represents adventure and optimism. It also sparks passion and encourages feelings of comfort and love. You can ask the best home builder you're working with to use light red if you want to convey joy and romance. Or, go for deep ruby for power and strength and burgundy for determination and leadership.
  • Orange - The combination of red's energy and passion, and yellow's freshness and sunny vibes, orange means that you're a social butterfly, and you like to entertain guests. You may want yellow-orange to convey wisdom and prestige or red-orange for health and desire.
  • Yellow - It's said that exposure to natural light can improve a person's happiness. So, it makes sense that the color of the sun can lift someone's mood. Yellow can spark enthusiasm and bring out confidence and optimism. It also elicits an increase in attention and energy. Muted lemon and a hint of honey are great choices if you want to show joy and freshness.

Cool Colors

Cool colors are used to describe hues that are soothing and calming in nature.

  • Green - This calming color is pleasing to the eye and may represent a lot of things. Doors in this hue suggest that traditional values lay within your home. It may also mean that you're good with your finances, as the shade is affiliated with money. If you're going for this color, you may want dark green to signal prosperity and ambition or olive for harmony and peace.
  • Blue - The color of the sky and ocean, blue may add a natural feel to your home. It promotes peace and serenity. You can choose dark blue to showcase trust and knowledge. Or, you may go for aqua and sky blue if you want to be reminded of the salty water of the sea or the clouds on a sunny day.
  • Purple - This represents royalty, wealth, and power. Households with front doors in this shade are said to be comfortable in taking risks. They dream big and may even call themselves free spirits. If you're using this color, you may want darker shades to convey power and control or lighter variants for romance, softness, and nostalgia.

Grayscale Doors

Neutral Colors

Neutral shades appear to be without color. They can be a contrast combination of dark and light. Choosing this scheme means that you're someone who doesn't like - or at least isn't ready - to make a bold statement. You want to play it safe.

  • Black - This represents strength and formality. It implies discipline, independence, and self-control. It also screams sophistication and relaxation. You can paint your front door black if you want to evoke mystery, power, and authority.
  • White - Associated with coolness and simplicity, white gives off an automatic feeling of perfection and purity. It also oozes a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. If you want to convey clarity, openness, and cleanliness, choose it.
  • Gray - Known as the color between white and black, gray gives off a calm, conservative, sophisticated, and formal feel to a space. If you paint your door gray, it could mean that you prefer to compromise by giving both sides of an argument equal weight and consideration.

Have you chosen which shade you'll use? Get in touch with Lancia Homes today, and check out homes for sale in Fort Wayne, IN. Their team of experts is always available and ready to work with you in building your dream house.