The Difference between Custom Homes and Spec Homes

Difference between Custom Homes and Spec Homes

  • Buying a Spec Home: A spec, or specification home, is built by a professional homebuilder, who designs houses to appeal to the masses based on market trends.
  • Customizing a Spec Home: A professional builder will construct several similar homes in a community but may allow you to select certain customization features or upgrades. You can choose your countertops, wall paint, extra amenities such as a fireplace, etc.
  • Buying a Custom Home: When you buy a custom home, you work with a custom design team to build a home from scratch according to your specific tastes and wish list. Choose the number of bedrooms, energy-efficient features, the orientation of your house on your property, etc.
  • Who's in Charge?: With a spec home, a builder is in charge of the process but will take input about some features from you. When you customize a home, you're in charge and dictate the visual design choices according to your dream home standards. As long as it's up to construction code, it's up to you.