Designing Your Custom Home for Multigenerational Living


Multigenerational family dinner

When you design a custom home, it should suit your family’s unique needs and lifestyle perfectly. And, for more and more Americans, that means accommodating a multigenerational household. If you have a multigenerational family, your custom modern home plans in Fort Wayne, IN, should cater to your family’s style of living. Most prebuilt homes are single-family homes and don’t meet all of the needs of a multigenerational family. So, if you’re designing a home for a family with multiple generations under one roof, here’s what you should be keeping in mind.

What Is Multigenerational Living?

First, let’s define multigenerational living. While children and parents are obviously of two separate generations, a multigenerational household consists of two or more adult generations. This could mean adult children living with their parents or grandparents moving in with their children and grandchildren. In 2016, a record 64 million people (about 20% of the country’s population) lived in multigenerational households. The majority of these households are adult children between 18 and 34 living in their parents’ homes.

Providing Independent Spaces

When designing a multigenerational home, one of the most important factors to consider is giving everyone their own, independent space that they can retreat to. You might think that a bedroom is a sufficient sanctuary, but when you have multiple adult generations in the household, they often desire a bit more independence than that.

You might want to consider building an “in-law suite” in part of your home. This might include a kitchenette and private entrance, which would allow the person living there to come and go more freely. Whether it’s for your adult child or for your parents or parents-in-law, this independent space can give both generations of adults in your household the space and independence they need.

Creating Gathering Spaces

Even though you’re creating these private sanctuaries for the adults in your home, you still need to ensure that there are gathering spaces large enough to accommodate everyone. After all, you’re still a family, and time together is important regardless of how many generations there are in your home. Open floor plans can assist with this, allowing family members to talk and engage with one another between rooms.

Considering Accessibility

If your multigenerational family includes elderly family members, then accessibility is an extremely important consideration for your home design—and it’s something that should be implemented throughout your home, and not just in that person’s private space. You want to ensure that every family member can navigate the hallways, use the restrooms, and reach the dishes just as easily as everyone else. So, make changes to your home’s floor plan as needed to accommodate for accessibility needs.

Your home should be designed for every member of your family, no matter how many generations that might include. If you’re looking to create custom home layouts in Fort Wayne, IN, and you need assistance ensuring it meets your multigenerational family’s needs, contact Lancia Homes. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your needs and desires. Together, we can work to ensure your home design is ideal for everyone in your home and for the life that you lead. Call to schedule your appointment today!