Curb Appeal Mistakes and How to Avoid Them When Building Your Custom Home



Pink Border House

If you’re involved in building a custom home, you probably have detailed plans and specifications. Yet, there are some curb appeal mistakes you could be overlooking. These could make it more challenging to sell your home. After all the hard work you’ve put into this project, here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Front Porch Railing

The front porch railing isn’t an internal part of the house but is still part of the property. If you’re hoping to sell your home, it helps to draw attention to the porch. A railing also adds to curb appeal and has an element of safety, especially when rain, sleet or snow leaves the porch wet or icy.

One of your priorities will be to ensure the property meets building codes. The requirement for a railing depends on how far your porch is from the ground, but even if you don’t need to install a guardrail, there are more reasons to have one than not. A benefit of custom building a home is that one has more choices, and this includes the design of the porch railing. The right design can add value.


Front Door Colors and Sizes

The front door is among the first parts of the property viewers will see, other than the exterior, such as the porch and garden. Trends change over the years, but Lancia Homes can advise you on front door colors 2022, as these will differ from other years.

So, if you want to make an excellent first impression and help potential buyers see the property positively, make sure you know some of the best colors to use. Black has become a popular front door color, closely followed by bold shades such as lime green. These can be particularly striking if you have an oversized door.

This can appeal to buyers because it’s welcoming and accessible to anyone in a wheelchair. It also makes moving easier. When the successful buyer moves in, an oversized door ensures larger items can be carried through with minimal effort. Some studies say black front doors could add the highest value to your home.

A neutral color will be the safest option if you want to appeal to most home buyers. Avoid colors such as pink, purple or yellow. Other than black, some colors are likely to withstand the change in trends, like brown or gray. Any buyer with a particular fondness for a more outrageous color will have the option to repaint. Still, if you initially use an outlandish color, this may put off more buyers than it attracts.


The House and Roof Color Combination

Color is an integral part of the house and roof too. These must be visually pleasing, and your chosen colors shouldn’t clash. The exterior should give the impression of cleanliness. So avoid colors that are too out of the box. Instead, use light shades. Less really is more in this scenario.

One of the appealing house and roof color combinations is white for the building and grey for the roof. This provides lots of shades to choose from. The benefit of white is it can make your front door, shutters (mentioned later), and other parts of the exterior stand out without you having to resort to using bright colors to make these other areas visually pop.


Where Shutters Are Placed

It might seem less obvious, but the shutter placement on house designs can make all the difference to the exterior of your home and how the interior looks inside, too, with the amount of light let into your rooms.

From the outside, shutters shouldn’t be too close together and should mirror each other in the way they are hung, in terms of the height and distance from the window, etc. This isn’t easy for everyone to achieve, and what looks right to one person might not be to someone with greater attention to even the most minor details.

With Lancia Homes, you don’t have to worry about these mistakes. They have professionals who can help you with every aspect of custom home building, even those you’ve given less thought to. So get in touch and see how they can help.