Creative Closet Designs for Your Custom Home



Closest with male shirts in it

Building your first custom home involves a lot of decisions. From the layout to appliances and every tiny detail in between: you are making decisions that will create the perfect home for you and your family.

When making decisions on your custom home, you must consider what is most important to you and how it would function best. Every custom home is unique because every family is unique. And we've seen it all – where some homeowners cherish counter space, and others value outdoor living space or the perfect flex room. With every decision homeowners face as they build their ideal home, one of the most talked about topics we hear is how to utilize closet space.

Let's face it. Closet space can either make or break your stress levels in a home. An organized closet makes getting ready a breeze, while a messy closet can derail an entire morning routine. Believe it or not, achieving peak closet organization has more to do with design than the closet owner.

Here are some closet design ideas to keep in mind for your custom home.

Storage Seat

Seating is one thing that makes a difference in a walk-in closet. Seating could look like upholstered bench seats similar to those in a mudroom design - spanning the length of a wall with different sections for storage options. Or they can be a smaller, separate piece utilized solely for a place to sit and put on shoes. Whether for storage, sitting or both - Incorporating a closet bench seat in your closet design makes the space more functional

Space Savers

Even the largest walk-in closet can benefit from closet space savers. Drawers, shelves and racks are assumed when designing a custom closet, but how else could you save space? Think of pull-out racks for pant storage, section dividers in drawers, or even a revolving stand for storing scarves, belts or ties. No matter the square footage, space-saving solutions function most in a closet design.

Custom Shelves

Everyone has dedicated spaces in a closet: winter clothes, summer clothes, formal clothes and daily essentials. When it comes to room for jewelry, watches, perfume, purses or any other simple yet essential items - utilizing custom glass shelves or custom floating shelves can elevate your closet design both aesthetically and practically. These shelves can be located toward the front of a closet. You can even place them in the odd nooks some cabinets inevitably have. Either way, your most necessary products look great on display and, most importantly, are easily accessible when you need them.



Even the most organized closet is useless if you can't see its contents. When designing a closet space, consider not just what type of lighting but where the lighting will go. Central lighting is obvious, but incorporating lighting on individual shelves can help illuminate spaces, especially those that are more hidden or mainly used to store items not used as frequently. Additionally, planning to have an exterior window in the closet allows for natural light, enhancing any space.

The closet design may or may not feel important in the overall design process of a custom-built home. The Truth is that the details make a home, and we're here to help guide you through the steps that can get overlooked. Look around your current closet and consider your wants and needs for creating a perfect closet design.

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