COVID-19 Response

As part of this community since 1975, we believe in doing what is right especially when it comes to our families, employees, suppliers and subcontractors. Residential construction has been deemed as an “Essential” part of our critical infrastructure industry that has a special responsibility to continue operating.  We have taken that designation seriously to ensure the workplace is a safe and comfortable work environment.

We have been following the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in regard to the COVID-19 and we have taken appropriate actions based on their recommendations.

We have modified our routines to safely accommodate visitors. Our team continues to monitor their health and practice safe protocols. If an employee or a member of their house would experience COVID-19 symptoms, the Lancia Homes team member will stay home under the CDC and physician guidelines. We kindly request that if you or your household member is feeling ill, please schedule an appointment for a future date.

Face Covering Requirements: Every individual within the State of Indiana shall wear a face covering over the nose and mouth when: Per State of Indiana Executive Order 20-48.

Model Homes and Design Centers

  • Inside a business, a public building, or other indoor place open to the public.
  •  A face covering: A “face covering” means a cloth, preferable with two layers of material, which covers the nose and mouth and is secured to the head with ties, straps, or loops over the ears or is simply wrapped around the lower face.
  • Our model homes are open 5 days a week Saturday through Wednesday for viewing and we can also schedule a private appointment or a virtual meeting if this works better for you.

  • We are utilizing safe greeting procedures to respect the social distancing rules of 6’ and will limit the number of visitors to one client at a time.

  • While visiting our model homes or our design center, we ask that you avoid unnecessary contact with surfaces and décor.
  • We are implementing no contact greetings, no handshakes at this time. A wave or a nod is more appropriate.
  • We are disinfecting frequently used touch points throughout the day.
  • While visiting our model homes or our design center, we ask that you avoid unnecessary contact with surfaces and décor

Customer Service

We are still performing our daily customer service work with our new enhanced process for the protection of our employees and our customers.

Job Sites

We have altered schedules for our subcontractors and our own service crews. This means there may be someone working in your home as early as 7:00 in the morning to as late as 8:00 PM at night for the safety of our trade partners. For your own safety and protection, as well as that of the people working on your home, we are asking that you please refrain your visitations to your new home. If you visit after 5:00 PM and there are cars or trucks in front of the home, please come back at another time.

Thank you for your understanding and patience at this time.


Jamie Lancia