Choosing a Design for Your Dream Home


New home being built

With the number of stunning homes for sale in Allen County, IN, if you’re considering building a home, you have plenty of design inspiration. Today, homeowners can choose from a range of styles for a new build with plenty of opportunities to add their own touch to the layout. While it can feel overwhelming at times, it’s possible to have fun with the design process. Consider not only the visual appeal but your lifestyle and needs when deciding on a home design. For help choosing the perfect design for your dream home, take a minute and read these tips.

Study Popular Architectural Styles

Here in the Midwest, you won’t find many Greek revival or Mediterranean-style homes. What you will find are updated versions of the 19th-century Craftsman, and large, spacious farmhouse-style designs. Another floor plan you’ll see is one made popular in the 1960s. Traditionally referred to as the modern style, today’s architects use a variety of names for contemporary floor plans, including minimalist and postmodern. Whether you’re dreaming of a bungalow, a roomy homestead, or the asymmetrical design elements typical of the modern-style home, start your home design journey by studying the most popular architectural styles. As you explore home styles, you’re bound to find one or two that tug at your heart. Don’t forget to consider the needs of you and your family. We’ll talk about that next.

Design a Home to Meet Your Needs

When choosing a design, consider the current stage you’re at in your life. If you haven’t started a family, is that something you plan in the future? If you already have children, you’ll want family-oriented design features. Maybe you’re preparing for retirement, or you’re thinking about caring for elderly parents in the next few years. Your idea of a dream home design may differ significantly from a young couple or someone with several children.

Choose a Design to Fit Your Lifestyle

Some homeowners enjoy entertaining, and if that’s you, think about how you entertain. You can design your home with a formal dining room and living area. If you enjoy large gatherings or smaller, more intimate get-togethers, you’ll want to design the entertainment areas to fit the way you prefer to entertain guests. Before you finalize the design, look at your home plan and the lot where you plan to build. If you think you might expand your living space at some point, make sure your plan will allow for that.

Location, Location, Location

If you have your heart set on a particular location, you may need to tailor your design to fit the area. For example, building a home in the country opens all kinds of possibilities for outdoor living that building a home in town might not offer. If you’re dreaming of a spacious backyard with room for a future swimming pool, finding a single-family home for sale in Allen County IN, could help you turn that dream into a reality. For the family who prefers the amenities available in a larger community, explore multifamily home designs. Couples, families, or homeowners nearing retirement can live happily in either type of home. Whatever design you choose, let the team at Lancia Homes help you find the perfect location. Contact us today, and let’s get started on your dream home!