Checklist for Maintaining Your New Home


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One of the most exciting moments in your life will be moving into your dream home. After putting in a considerable amount of time and money into your new home, you want to make sure you’re taking all the necessary steps to maintain it properly. This checklist from leading new home builders in Fort Wayne, IN, can give you more insight into what you need to do to maintain your beautiful custom-built home.

Put a Schedule in Place

One of the keys to taking good care of your home is establishing a routine for regular maintenance. You don’t want to let any cleaning or maintenance tasks to go unnoticed for too long, or it will all become a bit overwhelming. If you start by making a list of things you need to do weekly, monthly, and quarterly, then you will find you have a nice schedule to work with. Things such as taking out the trash and cleaning the countertops should be done at least weekly, while changing your heating and air-conditioning filters should happen anywhere from every 30 days to every 6 months depending on the type of filter you have.

Consider Curb Appeal

While the inside of your new home is undoubtedly important, so is the outside. Your new home contractor would always recommend that you pay attention to your home’s exterior and keep up with maintaining its curb appeal. How your home looks from the outside can give your street and neighborhood a real boost and help your property to fit in. That means you need to think about mowing the lawn, tending to flowers and plants, and arranging for exterior paint touch-ups when required.

Watch Out for Energy Leaks

Even after you move in and make your new house feel like your own, you still need to monitor your residence for anything that needs to be fixed. This includes sources of energy inefficiency, such as small cracks in your windows and doors that force your heating and air-conditioning systems to work harder for your household. While your home builder will do a fantastic job on your home, you need to expect that cracks may happen eventually. The sooner you catch these cracks, the sooner they can be repaired, and your energy bills can be kept as low as possible.

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Establish Boundaries with Kids and Pets

As anyone with a pet or a young kid would know, it’s a good idea to have some boundaries in place for the house—especially if you’re living in a new home. You don’t want your precious residence to be overrun by dirty feet and rambunctious behavior, and that’s why you need to lay some ground rules. By establishing household chores and no-go zones for pets and kids, you can better maintain your home and protect your possessions and any easily damaged surfaces.

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