Best Windows for Increasing Natural Light

Best Windows for Increasing Natural Light

You can have all the lighting fixtures in the world, and they still won’t be able to replicate one of the great joys in our homes and lives: natural light. Natural light is so important. Not only does it better our mood, but it can set a wonderful vibe in our homes. There’s nothing like sitting in a room with the right temperature, looking at the summer garden or the winter snow with natural light as the backdrop. 

Maybe you have been wondering how to get more natural light in your home. If that sounds familiar, then this guide is exactly for you. This guide will tell you how to brighten up a dark room with nothing but the sun's power. Follow along to see the best windows for increasing natural light!

Use Existing Space

One of the best ways to add natural light to your home is to put windows where maybe you didn’t expect to have them. Specifically, you should be considering installing some transom windows in your home. Transom windows serve as support but allow additional sunlight because of their placement. Typically, these will go over preexisting windows, giving you more access to the sun's shiny rays. On top of that, they make for a wonderful look. Transom windows can go a long way in boosting your home's curb appeal. 


Clerestory windows are like transom windows in that they are typically higher than other windows in your house. The difference between the two is that clerestory windows serve a purpose more in line with style than structure. These windows sit high above eye level, allowing in more light than you thought was possible for your home. Not only that, but they can give your home a great modern feel, all while increasing curb appeal. Clerestory windows are a great way to bring the outside to the inside and simultaneously make your home feel much bigger. 

Choose Your View

Maybe you’ve heard that bay windows are great for letting in natural light. At the same time, you may have heard that bow windows are great for letting in natural light. So, which one should you choose between the two? It all depends on what you want to look at. Let’s peek at the bay window vs the bow window.

Bay windows are better for picking out a specific view for an outside area. That is because it is one large window in the middle with two windows angled in, flanking the larger window on the side. If your home was a spaceship, this would be the cockpit. 

On the other hand, bow windows are very similar but offer a wider view. A bow window is a bay window with additional windows to elongate the view. Technically, bow windows might let in more natural light, but it all depends on the aesthetic that you are going for. 

And, as mentioned with the other windows, these can greatly increase your home's curb appeal. 

Enjoy Your Hard Work

Are you an avid gardener? If so, you should consider installing a garden window in your home. These small windows give you access to wonderful views of your backyard, but better yet, they allow you to have plants thriving inside. Effectively, garden windows work as miniature greenhouses. They jut out from the house, angling sunlight on the plants waiting below. Sounds like a perfect place to have your morning cup of coffee!

Open Out To The World

Sometimes we want natural light, but sometimes we want a little more. Casement windows are great because they open out, generally with a crank, so letting the outside air into your home is easy. Not only that, but they come in a variety of sizes. 

Typically, these windows are installed in pairs. One on the left, one on the right. The effect of a door gives your home a wonderful open feeling.

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