The Best Home Design for You


Home Design Plans

There’s so much for you to be excited about when working with a trusted, affordable home builder in Fort Wayne, IN. These professional builders will take your dream home vision and turn it into an amazing reality. But before they can break ground on this exciting project and build you the house you’ve always wanted, you need to work together to decide on a design. This is a huge decision for you as the design sets up the entire look and feel of your new home. There are really endless possibilities, but you can count on your home building contractors to provide expert guidance and assistance throughout this process. Here are a few major considerations that will help you decide on the best home design for your future residence.


Getting your dream home design in order must start somewhere, and perhaps the number of bedrooms you need is a good beginning. After all, bedrooms make up a considerable chunk of your house, and you need to think realistically about how many bedrooms you need. Are you hoping to expand your family or eager to welcome guests to your home regularly? Is a three or four-bedroom house suitable for your household? It’s also important that you think about your preferences in terms of where the bedrooms are located. Do you like to have some separation between the Owner Suite and the other rooms, or do you prefer for them to all be on one level? It’s your dream home, and you have the chance to say what you want and need.


Another aspect to think about is how many bathrooms you need in your new home. Some families are fine with one or two bathrooms, while others prefer an ensuite for every bedroom. If you talk to your home builders about your bathroom wish list, then they can give you some ideas about the possible layout and location of your bedrooms and bathrooms. This is also your chance to figure out what bathroom features are absolute must-haves for your new home. Do you want a deep sinking tub or a spacious shower in the Owner Suite bathroom? Those great design features can be incorporated into the designs and plans for your new home.

Couple Looking at a Kitchen Design

Kitchen and Living Space

When home building contractors start the planning process for your home, they will also want to know what your thoughts are on your kitchen and living room. Open plan living is in style, with an emphasis on light, airy spaces, but when it’s your dream home, it all comes down to your personal preference. Do you want a massive kitchen with plenty of countertop space, or do you care more about having a big living room that flows effortlessly into the rest of the house? What about outdoor access? Is that something you want to incorporate into your kitchen and living space too? If you can chat through these questions with your family and your building team, you will be more likely to get exactly what you want out of your brilliant building project.

If you’re ready to start the process of building your dream home, then it’s time to discuss the design with the best building contractor in Fort Wayne, IN. Known for exceptional custom-built homes with high-quality finishes, Lancia Homes can help you make your dream home design come true.