Best Covered Patio Ideas You Will Love


Wooden Covered Patio

Finding a great home for sale in Fort Wayne, IN, is only the first step. Transforming that home into something that's uniquely your own is the goal. Having a relaxing, refreshing covered patio is a huge plus, especially if you like to get the most out of warmer weather. Luckily, there are fantastic covered patio ideas that you're sure to love.

1. Moroccan-Style

A Moroccan-style patio allows a bit of sun and works incredibly well if you already have a Mediterranean-style home. It has a certain laid-back appeal that's great for lounging or turning your outdoor space into a social affair. The roof is typically made of Perspex with UV resistance, but you can always decorate the area to fit your personal sense of style.

2. Shade Cloth

This is an easy approach that doesn't take too much effort if you want something simple, clean, and easy to manage. A few shade sails and shade-sail anchors can transform your back patio into a covered space with a bit of shade. It's a simple enough project that allows you to do whatever you like the flooring and outdoor furnishings.

3. Rustic and Eco-Friendly

A rustic approach is hugely popular, especially if you enjoy incorporating vegetation into the area. Eco-friendly designs are more in-demand than ever, so it's surprisingly contemporary at the same time. Using a pergola allows the area to support healthy vines of your choosing. The lush vines work well with vegetable boxes and A-frames. You could even incorporate a metal-frame fire pit and fill it with stones to make it look more like a gabion. For a final touch, you might consider a hanging light fixture. When you put it together, it's a great rustic space with an eco-friendly vibe that gives you an organic space to enjoy outdoors.

4. Tuscan Farmhouse

The materials you choose make as much a difference as anything else. Columns and archways crafted from limestone and reclaimed bricks for flooring are able to turn any patio area into a Tuscan farmhouse. Pair this with a reclaimed wooden table and a brick fire pit, and you have a unique covered patio that delivers style and comfort.

5. Modern Courtyard

You don't have to look to the past to create something desirable and functional. With cedar decking and slat walls, you can craft a cozy covered patio that's ideal for an outdoor art studio or workshop space. A corrugated roof allows for some natural light to filter into the area, while also giving you a bit of protection against the elements. It's a nice mixture of natural materials and a modern sensibility.

6. Wood and Steel

Mixing and matching materials is a great way to create something new. Consider creating a patio cover out of wood, such as cedar and structural steel. The clash or the industrial look of the steel and the warm, natural appearance of the wood makes for an interesting and effective combination. You could add a modern outdoor kitchen or and wooden outdoor furnishings to continue capitalizing on the look.

7. Tropical Spa

If you want your covered patio to be an escape from the world, consider turning it into a tropical spa. With a hardwood frame support a thatched roof, you can transport yourself to an island paradise every time you step outside. Pair this with a hot tub, and you have a relaxing space that's always ready and waiting for you to enjoy it.

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